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package junit.extensions;

import junit.framework.Protectable;
import junit.framework.Test;
import junit.framework.TestResult;

 * A Decorator to set up and tear down additional fixture state. Subclass
 * TestSetup and insert it into your tests when you want to set up additional
 * state once before the tests are run.
public class TestSetup extends TestDecorator {

    public TestSetup(Test test) {

    public void run(final TestResult result) {
        Protectable p = new Protectable() {
            public void protect() throws Exception {
        result.runProtected(this, p);

     * Sets up the fixture. Override to set up additional fixture state.
    protected void setUp() throws Exception {

     * Tears down the fixture. Override to tear down the additional fixture
     * state.
    protected void tearDown() throws Exception {



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