What Is poi-5.2.3.jar?

What Is poi-5.2.3.jar?

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poi-5.2.3.jar is one of the JAR files for Apache POI 5.2.3, which provides an API for Microsoft document files of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Visio.

poi-5.2.3.jar supports Apache POI components that read and write Microsoft's OLE 2 Compound document format, which is used in early versions of Microsoft Office tools like Word 97, Excel 97, PowerPoint 97, etc.

poi-5.2.3.jar is distributed as part of the poi-bin-5.2.3-20220909.zip download file.

JAR File Size and Download Location:

JAR name: poi-5.2.3.jar
Target JDK version: 9

File name: poi.jar, poi-5.2.3.jar
File size: 2964641 bytes
Release date: 09-09-2022
Download: Apache POI Website

Here are Java Source Code files for poi-5.2.3.jar:


 *  ====================================================================
 *    Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
 *    contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file distributed with
 *    this work for additional information regarding copyright ownership.
 *    The ASF licenses this file to You under the Apache License, Version 2.0
 *    (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with
 *    the License.  You may obtain a copy of the License at
 *        http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
 *    Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
 *    distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
 *    WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
 *    See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
 *    limitations under the License.
 * ====================================================================

package org.apache.poi.sl.draw;

import java.awt.Font;
import java.awt.Graphics2D;
import java.awt.GraphicsEnvironment;
import java.util.Arrays;
import java.util.Map;
import java.util.Set;
import java.util.TreeSet;

import org.apache.poi.common.usermodel.fonts.FontCharset;
import org.apache.poi.common.usermodel.fonts.FontInfo;
import org.apache.poi.sl.draw.Drawable.DrawableHint;
import org.apache.poi.util.StringUtil;

 * Manages fonts when rendering slides.
 * Use this class to handle unknown / missing fonts or to substitute fonts
public class DrawFontManagerDefault implements DrawFontManager {

    protected final Set<String> knownSymbolFonts = new TreeSet<>(String.CASE_INSENSITIVE_ORDER);

    public DrawFontManagerDefault() {
        // knownSymbolFonts.add("Monotype Sorts");

    public FontInfo getMappedFont(Graphics2D graphics, FontInfo fontInfo) {
        return getFontWithFallback(graphics, Drawable.FONT_MAP, fontInfo);

    public FontInfo getFallbackFont(Graphics2D graphics, FontInfo fontInfo) {
        FontInfo fi = getFontWithFallback(graphics, Drawable.FONT_FALLBACK, fontInfo);
        if (fi == null) {
            fi = new DrawFontInfo(Font.SANS_SERIF);
        return fi;

     * Symbol fonts like "Wingdings" or "Symbol" have glyphs mapped to a Unicode private use range via the Java font loader,
     * although a system font viewer might show you the glyphs in the ASCII range.
     * This maps the chars of the text string to the corresponding private use range chars.
     * @param graphics the used graphics context
     * @param fontInfo the font info
     * @param text the input string
     * @return the mapped string, typically consists of chars in the range of 0xf000 to 0xf0ff
     * @since POI 4.0.0
    public String mapFontCharset(Graphics2D graphics, FontInfo fontInfo, String text) {
        if (fontInfo == null || text == null || text.isEmpty()) {
            return text;

        String typeface = fontInfo.getTypeface();
        if (fontInfo.getCharset() == FontCharset.SYMBOL || knownSymbolFonts.contains(typeface)) {
            int[] cps = text.codePoints().map(DrawFontManagerDefault::mapSymbolChar).toArray();
            String ret = new String(cps, 0, cps.length);

            String[] allFonts = GraphicsEnvironment.getLocalGraphicsEnvironment().getAvailableFontFamilyNames();
            boolean hasFont = Arrays.asList(allFonts).contains(typeface);
            return hasFont ? ret : StringUtil.mapMsCodepointString(ret);

        return text;

    public Font createAWTFont(Graphics2D graphics, FontInfo fontInfo, double fontSize, boolean bold, boolean italic) {
        int style = (bold ? Font.BOLD : 0) | (italic ? Font.ITALIC : 0);
        Font font = new Font(fontInfo.getTypeface(), style, 12);
        if (Font.DIALOG.equals(font.getFamily())) {
            // SansSerif is a better choice than Dialog
            font = new Font(Font.SANS_SERIF, style, 12);
        return font.deriveFont((float)fontSize);

    private FontInfo getFontWithFallback(Graphics2D graphics, DrawableHint hint, FontInfo fontInfo) {
        Map<String,String> fontMap = (Map<String,String>)graphics.getRenderingHint(hint);
        if (fontMap == null) {
            return fontInfo;

        String f = (fontInfo != null) ? fontInfo.getTypeface() : null;
        String mappedTypeface = null;
        if (fontMap.containsKey(f)) {
            mappedTypeface = fontMap.get(f);
        } else if (fontMap.containsKey("*")) {
            mappedTypeface = fontMap.get("*");

        return (mappedTypeface != null) ? new DrawFontInfo(mappedTypeface) : fontInfo;

    private static int mapSymbolChar(int cp) {
        return ((0x20 <= cp && cp <= 0x7f) || (0xa0 <= cp && cp <= 0xff)) ? cp | 0xf000 : cp;


Or download all of them as a single archive file:

File name: poi-5.2.3-src.zip
File size: 2479830 bytes
Release date: 2022-09-09


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