Test to Read Excel File as CSV with jxl.jar


How to run the test to read an existing Excel file as CSV output with jxl.jar?

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The following steps shows you how to run the test to read an existing Excel file as CSV output with jxl.jar:

1. Open command line window to verify jxl.jar installation. "jxl.jar" file and "jxlrwtest" file are needed:

C:\cd \fyicenter\jexcelapi

10/24/2009  10:11 AM           725,735 jxl.jar
09/07/2009  03:26 PM            93,696 jxlrwtest.xls

2. Use the "java -jar" command to run the test program:

   -jar jxl.jar -csv jxlrwtest.xls | more
*** original ****
Java Excel API Modify Test
Labels,,,MulRK records - no modification,1,2.0000,3,4,5,6,7
Underlined cell - now emboldened,Underlined
Bold cell - now underlined,Bold
12pt font - now 10pt,12pt,,All entries
Label - now has the word mod after it,Label,,in this column
Pi - 5 dps, now 7,3.14159,,arial
15042699 - Now exponential + 4dps,15042699
15042699 - Exponential + 5dps - now normal,1.50427E07
Number 17 - now 42,17
Number 2.71828 - add 0.1,2.718

Date - 31st May, 1976 14:53:21,,,Boolean Value,true
Standard format dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm - now dd MMM yyyy hh:mm:ss,5/31/76 14:53
Custom format dd MMM yyyy hh:mm:ss- now standard M dd yy hh:mm,31 May 1976 02:53
Set the date to be 18 February, 1998 11:23:28format dd MMM yyyy hh:mm:ss- now st
andard M dd yy hh:mm,31 May 1976 02:53:21

Formula - Simple sum.  Modify one of the values,1.1
-- More  --   


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