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JDK 11 jdk.javadoc.jmod is the JMOD file for JDK 11 Java Document tool, which can be invoked by the "javadoc" command.

JDK 11 Java Document tool compiled class files are stored in \fyicenter\jdk-11.0.1\jmods\jdk.javadoc.jmod.

JDK 11 Java Document tool compiled class files are also linked and stored in the \fyicenter\jdk-11.0.1\lib\modules JImage file.

JDK 11 Java Document tool source code files are stored in \fyicenter\jdk-11.0.1\lib\src.zip\jdk.javadoc.

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 * Copyright (c) 1998, 2018, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
 * ORACLE PROPRIETARY/CONFIDENTIAL. Use is subject to license terms.

package jdk.javadoc.internal.doclets.formats.html;

import java.util.EnumMap;
import java.util.Objects;
import java.util.regex.Matcher;
import java.util.regex.Pattern;

import jdk.javadoc.internal.doclets.formats.html.markup.Comment;
import jdk.javadoc.internal.doclets.formats.html.markup.ContentBuilder;
import jdk.javadoc.internal.doclets.formats.html.markup.FixedStringContent;
import jdk.javadoc.internal.doclets.formats.html.markup.RawHtml;
import jdk.javadoc.internal.doclets.formats.html.markup.StringContent;
import jdk.javadoc.internal.doclets.toolkit.Content;
import jdk.javadoc.internal.doclets.toolkit.Resources;
import jdk.javadoc.internal.doclets.toolkit.util.DocletConstants;
import jdk.javadoc.internal.doclets.toolkit.util.VisibleMemberTable;

 * Constants and factory methods for common fragments of content
 * used by HtmlDoclet. The string content of these fragments is
 * generally obtained from the {@link Resources resources} found
 * in the doclet's configuration.
 * @implNote
 * Many constants are made available in this class, so that they are
 * only created once per doclet-instance, instead of once per generated page.
public class Contents {
    public static final Content SPACE = RawHtml.nbsp;
    public static final Content ZERO_WIDTH_SPACE = RawHtml.zws;

    public final Content allClassesLabel;
    public final Content allImplementedInterfacesLabel;
    public final Content allModulesLabel;
    public final Content allPackagesLabel;
    public final Content allSuperinterfacesLabel;
    public final Content also;
    public final Content annotationTypeOptionalMemberLabel;
    public final Content annotationTypeRequiredMemberLabel;
    public final Content annotateTypeOptionalMemberSummaryLabel;
    public final Content annotateTypeRequiredMemberSummaryLabel;
    public final Content annotationType;
    public final Content annotationTypeDetailsLabel;
    public final Content annotationTypeMemberDetail;
    public final Content annotationtypes;
    public final Content annotationTypes;
    public final Content classLabel;
    public final Content classes;
    public final Content constantFieldLabel;
    public final Content constantsSummaryTitle;
    public final Content constructorLabel;
    public final Content constructorDetailsLabel;
    public final Content constructorSummaryLabel;
    public final Content constructors;
    public final Content contentsHeading;
    public final Content defaultPackageLabel;
    public final Content default_;
    public final Content deprecatedAPI;
    public final Content deprecatedLabel;
    public final Content deprecatedPhrase;
    public final Content deprecatedForRemovalPhrase;
    public final Content descfrmClassLabel;
    public final Content descfrmInterfaceLabel;
    public final Content descriptionLabel;
    public final Content detailLabel;
    public final Content enclosingClassLabel;
    public final Content enclosingInterfaceLabel;
    public final Content enumConstantLabel;
    public final Content enumConstantDetailLabel;
    public final Content enumConstantSummary;
    public final Content enum_;
    public final Content enums;
    public final Content error;
    public final Content errors;
    public final Content exception;
    public final Content exceptions;
    public final Content exportedTo;
    public final Content fieldLabel;
    public final Content fieldDetailsLabel;
    public final Content fieldSummaryLabel;
    public final Content fields;
    public final Content framesLabel;
    public final Content fromLabel;
    public final Content functionalInterface;
    public final Content functionalInterfaceMessage;
    public final Content helpLabel;
    public final Content hierarchyForAllPackages;
    public final Content implementation;
    public final Content implementingClassesLabel;
    public final Content inClass;
    public final Content inInterface;
    public final Content indexLabel;
    public final Content interfaceLabel;
    public final Content interfaces;
    public final Content methodDetailLabel;
    public final Content methodLabel;
    public final Content methodSummary;
    public final Content methods;
    public final Content modifierAndTypeLabel;
    public final Content modifierLabel;
    public final Content moduleLabel;
    public final Content module_;
    public final Content moduleSubNavLabel;
    public final Content modulesLabel;
    public final Content navAnnotationTypeMember;
    public final Content navAnnotationTypeOptionalMember;
    public final Content navAnnotationTypeRequiredMember;
    public final Content navConstructor;
    public final Content navEnum;
    public final Content navField;
    public final Content navMethod;
    public final Content navModuleDescription;
    public final Content navModules;
    public final Content navNested;
    public final Content navPackages;
    public final Content navProperty;
    public final Content navServices;
    public final Content nestedClassSummary;
    public final Content newPage;
    public final Content noFramesLabel;
    public final Content noScriptMessage;
    public final Content openModuleLabel;
    public final Content openedTo;
    public final Content overridesLabel;
    public final Content overviewLabel;
    public final Content packageHierarchies;
    public final Content packageLabel;
    public final Content package_;
    public final Content packagesLabel;
    public final Content properties;
    public final Content propertyLabel;
    public final Content propertyDetailsLabel;
    public final Content propertySummaryLabel;
    public final Content seeLabel;
    public final Content serializedForm;
    public final Content servicesLabel;
    public final Content specifiedByLabel;
    public final Content subclassesLabel;
    public final Content subinterfacesLabel;
    public final Content summaryLabel;
    public final Content treeLabel;
    public final Content typeLabel;
    public final Content useLabel;
    public final Content valueLabel;

    private final EnumMap<VisibleMemberTable.Kind, Content> navLinkLabels;

    private final Resources resources;

     * Creates a {@code Contents} object.
     * @param configuration the configuration in which to find the
     * resources used to look up resource keys, and other details.
    Contents(HtmlConfiguration configuration) {
        this.resources = configuration.getResources();

        allClassesLabel = getNonBreakContent("doclet.All_Classes");
        allImplementedInterfacesLabel = getContent("doclet.All_Implemented_Interfaces");
        allModulesLabel = getNonBreakContent("doclet.All_Modules");
        allPackagesLabel = getNonBreakContent("doclet.All_Packages");
        allSuperinterfacesLabel = getContent("doclet.All_Superinterfaces");
        also = getContent("doclet.also");
        annotationTypeOptionalMemberLabel = getContent("doclet.Annotation_Type_Optional_Member");
        annotationTypeRequiredMemberLabel = getContent("doclet.Annotation_Type_Required_Member");
        annotateTypeOptionalMemberSummaryLabel = getContent("doclet.Annotation_Type_Optional_Member_Summary");
        annotateTypeRequiredMemberSummaryLabel = getContent("doclet.Annotation_Type_Required_Member_Summary");
        annotationType = getContent("doclet.AnnotationType");
        annotationTypeDetailsLabel = getContent("doclet.Annotation_Type_Member_Detail");
        annotationTypeMemberDetail = getContent("doclet.Annotation_Type_Member_Detail");
        annotationTypes = getContent("doclet.AnnotationTypes");
        annotationtypes = getContent("doclet.annotationtypes");
        classLabel = getContent("doclet.Class");
        classes = getContent("doclet.Classes");
        constantFieldLabel = getContent("doclet.ConstantField");
        constantsSummaryTitle = getContent("doclet.Constants_Summary");
        constructorLabel = getContent("doclet.Constructor");
        constructorDetailsLabel = getContent("doclet.Constructor_Detail");
        constructorSummaryLabel = getContent("doclet.Constructor_Summary");
        constructors = getContent("doclet.Constructors");
        contentsHeading = getContent("doclet.Contents");
        defaultPackageLabel = new StringContent(DocletConstants.DEFAULT_PACKAGE_NAME);
        default_ = getContent("doclet.Default");
        deprecatedAPI = getContent("doclet.Deprecated_API");
        deprecatedLabel = getContent("doclet.navDeprecated");
        deprecatedPhrase = getContent("doclet.Deprecated");
        deprecatedForRemovalPhrase = getContent("doclet.DeprecatedForRemoval");
        descfrmClassLabel = getContent("doclet.Description_From_Class");
        descfrmInterfaceLabel = getContent("doclet.Description_From_Interface");
        descriptionLabel = getContent("doclet.Description");
        detailLabel = getContent("doclet.Detail");
        enclosingClassLabel = getContent("doclet.Enclosing_Class");
        enclosingInterfaceLabel = getContent("doclet.Enclosing_Interface");
        enumConstantLabel = getContent("doclet.Enum_Constant");
        enumConstantDetailLabel = getContent("doclet.Enum_Constant_Detail");
        enumConstantSummary = getContent("doclet.Enum_Constant_Summary");
        enum_ = getContent("doclet.Enum");
        enums = getContent("doclet.Enums");
        error = getContent("doclet.Error");
        errors = getContent("doclet.Errors");
        exception = getContent("doclet.Exception");
        exceptions = getContent("doclet.Exceptions");
        exportedTo = getContent("doclet.ExportedTo");
        fieldDetailsLabel = getContent("doclet.Field_Detail");
        fieldSummaryLabel = getContent("doclet.Field_Summary");
        fieldLabel = getContent("doclet.Field");
        fields = getContent("doclet.Fields");
        framesLabel = getContent("doclet.Frames");
        fromLabel = getContent("doclet.From");
        functionalInterface = getContent("doclet.Functional_Interface");
        functionalInterfaceMessage = getContent("doclet.Functional_Interface_Message");
        helpLabel = getContent("doclet.Help");
        hierarchyForAllPackages = getContent("doclet.Hierarchy_For_All_Packages");
        implementation = getContent("doclet.Implementation");
        implementingClassesLabel = getContent("doclet.Implementing_Classes");
        inClass = getContent("doclet.in_class");
        inInterface = getContent("doclet.in_interface");
        indexLabel = getContent("doclet.Index");
        interfaceLabel = getContent("doclet.Interface");
        interfaces = getContent("doclet.Interfaces");
        methodDetailLabel = getContent("doclet.Method_Detail");
        methodSummary = getContent("doclet.Method_Summary");
        methodLabel = getContent("doclet.Method");
        methods = getContent("doclet.Methods");
        modifierLabel = getContent("doclet.Modifier");
        modifierAndTypeLabel = getContent("doclet.Modifier_and_Type");
        moduleLabel = getContent("doclet.Module");
        module_ = getContent("doclet.module");
        moduleSubNavLabel = getContent("doclet.Module_Sub_Nav");
        modulesLabel = getContent("doclet.Modules");
        navAnnotationTypeMember = getContent("doclet.navAnnotationTypeMember");
        navAnnotationTypeOptionalMember = getContent("doclet.navAnnotationTypeOptionalMember");
        navAnnotationTypeRequiredMember = getContent("doclet.navAnnotationTypeRequiredMember");
        navConstructor = getContent("doclet.navConstructor");
        navEnum = getContent("doclet.navEnum");
        navField = getContent("doclet.navField");
        navMethod = getContent("doclet.navMethod");
        navModuleDescription = getContent("doclet.navModuleDescription");
        navModules = getContent("doclet.navModules");
        navNested = getContent("doclet.navNested");
        navPackages = getContent("doclet.navPackages");
        navProperty = getContent("doclet.navProperty");
        navServices = getContent("doclet.navServices");
        nestedClassSummary = getContent("doclet.Nested_Class_Summary");
        newPage = new Comment(resources.getText("doclet.New_Page"));
        noFramesLabel = getNonBreakContent("doclet.No_Frames");
        noScriptMessage = getContent("doclet.No_Script_Message");
        openedTo = getContent("doclet.OpenedTo");
        openModuleLabel = getContent("doclet.Open_Module");
        overridesLabel = getContent("doclet.Overrides");
        overviewLabel = getContent("doclet.Overview");
        packageHierarchies = getContent("doclet.Package_Hierarchies");
        packageLabel = getContent("doclet.Package");
        package_ = getContent("doclet.package");
        packagesLabel = getContent("doclet.Packages");
        properties = getContent("doclet.Properties");
        propertyLabel = getContent("doclet.Property");
        propertyDetailsLabel = getContent("doclet.Property_Detail");
        propertySummaryLabel = getContent("doclet.Property_Summary");
        seeLabel = getContent("doclet.See");
        serializedForm = getContent("doclet.Serialized_Form");
        servicesLabel = getContent("doclet.Services");
        specifiedByLabel = getContent("doclet.Specified_By");
        subclassesLabel = getContent("doclet.Subclasses");
        subinterfacesLabel = getContent("doclet.Subinterfaces");
        summaryLabel = getContent("doclet.Summary");
        treeLabel = getContent("doclet.Tree");
        typeLabel = getContent("doclet.Type");
        useLabel = getContent("doclet.navClassUse");
        valueLabel = getContent("doclet.Value");

        navLinkLabels = new EnumMap<>(VisibleMemberTable.Kind.class);
        navLinkLabels.put(VisibleMemberTable.Kind.INNER_CLASSES, getContent("doclet.navNested"));
        navLinkLabels.put(VisibleMemberTable.Kind.ENUM_CONSTANTS, getContent("doclet.navEnum"));
        navLinkLabels.put(VisibleMemberTable.Kind.FIELDS, getContent("doclet.navField"));
        navLinkLabels.put(VisibleMemberTable.Kind.CONSTRUCTORS, getContent("doclet.navConstructor"));
        navLinkLabels.put(VisibleMemberTable.Kind.METHODS, getContent("doclet.navMethod"));

     * Gets a {@code Content} object, containing the string for
     * a given key in the doclet's resources.
     * @param key the key for the desired string
     * @return a content tree for the string
    public Content getContent(String key) {
        return new FixedStringContent(resources.getText(key));

     * Gets a {@code Content} object, containing the string for
     * a given key in the doclet's resources, formatted with
     * given arguments.
     * @param key the key for the desired string
     * @param o0  string or content argument to be formatted into the result
     * @return a content tree for the text
    public Content getContent(String key, Object o0) {
        return getContent(key, o0, null, null);

     * Gets a {@code Content} object, containing the string for
     * a given key in the doclet's resources, formatted with
     * given arguments.

     * @param key the key for the desired string
     * @param o0  string or content argument to be formatted into the result
     * @param o1  string or content argument to be formatted into the result
     * @return a content tree for the text
    public Content getContent(String key, Object o0, Object o1) {
        return getContent(key, o0, o1, null);

     * Gets a {@code Content} object, containing the string for
     * a given key in the doclet's resources, formatted with
     * given arguments.
     * @param key the key for the desired string
     * @param o0  string or content argument to be formatted into the result
     * @param o1  string or content argument to be formatted into the result
     * @param o2  string or content argument to be formatted into the result
     * @return a content tree for the text
    public Content getContent(String key, Object o0, Object o1, Object o2) {
        Content c = new ContentBuilder();
        Pattern p = Pattern.compile("\\{([012])\\}");
        String text = resources.getText(key); // TODO: cache
        Matcher m = p.matcher(text);
        int start = 0;
        while (m.find(start)) {
            c.addContent(text.substring(start, m.start()));

            Object o = null;
            switch (m.group(1).charAt(0)) {
                case '0': o = o0; break;
                case '1': o = o1; break;
                case '2': o = o2; break;

            if (o == null) {
                c.addContent("{" + m.group(1) + "}");
            } else if (o instanceof String) {
                c.addContent((String) o);
            } else if (o instanceof Content) {
                c.addContent((Content) o);

            start = m.end();

        return c;

     * Gets a {@code Content} object, containing the string for
     * a given key in the doclet's resources, substituting
     * <code>&nbsp;</code> for any space characters found in
     * the named resource string.
     * @param key the key for the desired string
     * @return a content tree for the string
    private Content getNonBreakContent(String key) {
        String text = resources.getText(key); // TODO: cache
        Content c = new ContentBuilder();
        int start = 0;
        int p;
        while ((p = text.indexOf(" ", start)) != -1) {
            c.addContent(text.substring(start, p));
            start = p + 1;
        return c; // TODO: should be made immutable

     * Returns a content for a visible member kind.
     * @param kind the visible member table kind.
     * @return the string content
    public Content getNavLinkLabelContent(VisibleMemberTable.Kind kind) {
        return Objects.requireNonNull(navLinkLabels.get(kind));



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