sun.applet.Main - "appletviewer" Command


How to run "appletviewer" command from JDK tools.jar file?

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"appletviewer" command allows you to run Applets embedded in HTML documents.

"appletviewer" command is supported by the lib\tools.jar JAR file JDK 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

You can run the "appletviewer" command using the JDK tools.jar file as described below using JDK 8 as an example:

fyicenter> set JDK_HOME=\fyicenter\jdk-1.8.0_191

fyicenter> %JDK_HOME%\bin\java -cp %JDK_HOME%\lib\tools.jar sun.applet.Main

Usage: appletviewer <options> url(s)

where <options> include:
  -debug                  Start the applet viewer in the Java debugger
  -encoding <encoding>    Specify character encoding used by HTML files
  -J<runtime flag>        Pass argument to the java interpreter

The -J option is non-standard and subject to change without notice.


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