JarAnalyzer Source Code Files

Apache Ant Source Code Files are inside the JarAnalyzer source package like JarAnalyzer-src-1.2.zip. Unzip the source package and go to the "src" sub-directory, you will see source code files.

Here is the list of Java source code files of the JarAnalyzer 1.2 in \Users\fyicenter\JarAnalyzer\src:

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package com.kirkk.analyzer.framework.bcel;

import org.apache.bcel.classfile.*;
import com.kirkk.analyzer.framework.bcelbundle.*;
import java.io.*;

public class BCELClassFactory {

	public static JavaClass getClass(String file, String className) throws IOException {
		ClassParser classParser = new ClassParser(file, className);
		JavaClass javaClass = classParser.parse();
		//BCELPublicClass theClass = new BCELPublicClass(javaClass, null);
		return javaClass;





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