Apache Commons Codec Source Code

Apache Commons Codec library provides implementations of common encoders and decoders such as Base64, Hex, Phonetic and URLs.

Apache Commons Codec Source Code files are provided in both binary packge (commons-codec-3.15-bin.zip) and source package (commons-codec-3.15-src.zip). You can download them at Apache Commons Codec Website.

Apache Commons Codec Source Code has no dependencies. You can compile it to generate your own version of Apache Commons Codec JAR file.

The source code of Apache Commons Codec 1.15 is provided below:

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 * Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
 * contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file distributed with
 * this work for additional information regarding copyright ownership.
 * The ASF licenses this file to You under the Apache License, Version 2.0
 * (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with
 * the License.  You may obtain a copy of the License at
 *      http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
 * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
 * distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
 * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
 * limitations under the License.
package org.apache.commons.codec.digest;

import java.util.zip.Checksum;

 * A pure-java implementation of the CRC32 checksum that uses
 * the same polynomial as the built-in native CRC32.
 * This is to avoid the JNI overhead for certain uses of Checksumming
 * where many small pieces of data are checksummed in succession.
 * The current version is ~10x to 1.8x as fast as Sun's native
 * java.util.zip.CRC32 in Java 1.6
 * Copied from Hadoop 2.6.3.
 * The code agrees with the following file in the 2.6.3 tag:
 * https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf?p=hadoop.git;a=blob_plain;
 * f=hadoop-common-project/hadoop-common/src/main/java/org/apache/hadoop/util/PureJavaCrc32.java;
 * hb=2120de588b92b9f22b1cc4188761d6a8c61aa778
 * <p>
 * This class is Not ThreadSafe
 * @see java.util.zip.CRC32
 * @since 1.11
public class PureJavaCrc32 implements Checksum {

  /** the current CRC value, bit-flipped */
  private int crc;

  /** Create a new PureJavaCrc32 object. */
  public PureJavaCrc32() {

  public long getValue() {
    return (~crc) & 0xffffffffL;

  public void reset() {

  // called by ctor, so must not be overrideable
  private void _reset() {
    crc = 0xffffffff;

  public void update(final byte[] b, final int offset, final int len) {
    int localCrc = crc;

    final int remainder = len & 0x7;
    int i = offset;
    for(final int end = offset + len - remainder; i < end; i += 8) {
      final int x = localCrc ^
          ((((b[i  ] << 24) >>> 24) + ((b[i+1] << 24) >>> 16)) +
          (((b[i+2] << 24) >>> 8 ) +  (b[i+3] << 24)));

      localCrc = ((T[((x << 24) >>> 24) + 0x700] ^ T[((x << 16) >>> 24) + 0x600]) ^
                 (T[((x <<  8) >>> 24) + 0x500] ^ T[ (x        >>> 24) + 0x400])) ^
                 ((T[((b[i+4] << 24) >>> 24) + 0x300] ^ T[((b[i+5] << 24) >>> 24) + 0x200]) ^
                 (T[((b[i+6] << 24) >>> 24) + 0x100] ^ T[((b[i+7] << 24) >>> 24)]));

    /* loop unroll - duff's device style */
    switch(remainder) {
      case 7: localCrc = (localCrc >>> 8) ^ T[((localCrc ^ b[i++]) << 24) >>> 24];
      case 6: localCrc = (localCrc >>> 8) ^ T[((localCrc ^ b[i++]) << 24) >>> 24];
      case 5: localCrc = (localCrc >>> 8) ^ T[((localCrc ^ b[i++]) << 24) >>> 24];
      case 4: localCrc = (localCrc >>> 8) ^ T[((localCrc ^ b[i++]) << 24) >>> 24];
      case 3: localCrc = (localCrc >>> 8) ^ T[((localCrc ^ b[i++]) << 24) >>> 24];
      case 2: localCrc = (localCrc >>> 8) ^ T[((localCrc ^ b[i++]) << 24) >>> 24];
      case 1: localCrc = (localCrc >>> 8) ^ T[((localCrc ^ b[i++]) << 24) >>> 24];
        /* nothing */

    // Publish crc out to object
    crc = localCrc;

  final public void update(final int b) {
    crc = (crc >>> 8) ^ T[(((crc ^ b) << 24) >>> 24)];

   * CRC-32 lookup tables generated by the polynomial 0xEDB88320.
   * See also TestPureJavaCrc32.Table.
  private static final int[] T = new int[] {
    /* T8_0 */
    0x00000000, 0x77073096, 0xEE0E612C, 0x990951BA,
    0x076DC419, 0x706AF48F, 0xE963A535, 0x9E6495A3,
    0x0EDB8832, 0x79DCB8A4, 0xE0D5E91E, 0x97D2D988,
    0x09B64C2B, 0x7EB17CBD, 0xE7B82D07, 0x90BF1D91,
    0x1DB71064, 0x6AB020F2, 0xF3B97148, 0x84BE41DE,
    0x1ADAD47D, 0x6DDDE4EB, 0xF4D4B551, 0x83D385C7,
    0x136C9856, 0x646BA8C0, 0xFD62F97A, 0x8A65C9EC,
    0x14015C4F, 0x63066CD9, 0xFA0F3D63, 0x8D080DF5,
    0x3B6E20C8, 0x4C69105E, 0xD56041E4, 0xA2677172,
    0x3C03E4D1, 0x4B04D447, 0xD20D85FD, 0xA50AB56B,
    0x35B5A8FA, 0x42B2986C, 0xDBBBC9D6, 0xACBCF940,
    0x32D86CE3, 0x45DF5C75, 0xDCD60DCF, 0xABD13D59,
    0x26D930AC, 0x51DE003A, 0xC8D75180, 0xBFD06116,
    0x21B4F4B5, 0x56B3C423, 0xCFBA9599, 0xB8BDA50F,
    0x2802B89E, 0x5F058808, 0xC60CD9B2, 0xB10BE924,
    0x2F6F7C87, 0x58684C11, 0xC1611DAB, 0xB6662D3D,
    0x76DC4190, 0x01DB7106, 0x98D220BC, 0xEFD5102A,
    0x71B18589, 0x06B6B51F, 0x9FBFE4A5, 0xE8B8D433,
    0x7807C9A2, 0x0F00F934, 0x9609A88E, 0xE10E9818,
    0x7F6A0DBB, 0x086D3D2D, 0x91646C97, 0xE6635C01,
    0x6B6B51F4, 0x1C6C6162, 0x856530D8, 0xF262004E,
    0x6C0695ED, 0x1B01A57B, 0x8208F4C1, 0xF50FC457,
    0x65B0D9C6, 0x12B7E950, 0x8BBEB8EA, 0xFCB9887C,
    0x62DD1DDF, 0x15DA2D49, 0x8CD37CF3, 0xFBD44C65,
    0x4DB26158, 0x3AB551CE, 0xA3BC0074, 0xD4BB30E2,
    0x4ADFA541, 0x3DD895D7, 0xA4D1C46D, 0xD3D6F4FB,
    0x4369E96A, 0x346ED9FC, 0xAD678846, 0xDA60B8D0,
    0x44042D73, 0x33031DE5, 0xAA0A4C5F, 0xDD0D7CC9,
    0x5005713C, 0x270241AA, 0xBE0B1010, 0xC90C2086,
    0x5768B525, 0x206F85B3, 0xB966D409, 0xCE61E49F,
    0x5EDEF90E, 0x29D9C998, 0xB0D09822, 0xC7D7A8B4,
    0x59B33D17, 0x2EB40D81, 0xB7BD5C3B, 0xC0BA6CAD,
    0xEDB88320, 0x9ABFB3B6, 0x03B6E20C, 0x74B1D29A,
    0xEAD54739, 0x9DD277AF, 0x04DB2615, 0x73DC1683,
    0xE3630B12, 0x94643B84, 0x0D6D6A3E, 0x7A6A5AA8,
    0xE40ECF0B, 0x9309FF9D, 0x0A00AE27, 0x7D079EB1,
    0xF00F9344, 0x8708A3D2, 0x1E01F268, 0x6906C2FE,
    0xF762575D, 0x806567CB, 0x196C3671, 0x6E6B06E7,
    0xFED41B76, 0x89D32BE0, 0x10DA7A5A, 0x67DD4ACC,
    0xF9B9DF6F, 0x8EBEEFF9, 0x17B7BE43, 0x60B08ED5,
    0xD6D6A3E8, 0xA1D1937E, 0x38D8C2C4, 0x4FDFF252,
    0xD1BB67F1, 0xA6BC5767, 0x3FB506DD, 0x48B2364B,
    0xD80D2BDA, 0xAF0A1B4C, 0x36034AF6, 0x41047A60,
    0xDF60EFC3, 0xA867DF55, 0x316E8EEF, 0x4669BE79,
    0xCB61B38C, 0xBC66831A, 0x256FD2A0, 0x5268E236,
    0xCC0C7795, 0xBB0B4703, 0x220216B9, 0x5505262F,
    0xC5BA3BBE, 0xB2BD0B28, 0x2BB45A92, 0x5CB36A04,
    0xC2D7FFA7, 0xB5D0CF31, 0x2CD99E8B, 0x5BDEAE1D,
    0x9B64C2B0, 0xEC63F226, 0x756AA39C, 0x026D930A,
    0x9C0906A9, 0xEB0E363F, 0x72076785, 0x05005713,
    0x95BF4A82, 0xE2B87A14, 0x7BB12BAE, 0x0CB61B38,
    0x92D28E9B, 0xE5D5BE0D, 0x7CDCEFB7, 0x0BDBDF21,
    0x86D3D2D4, 0xF1D4E242, 0x68DDB3F8, 0x1FDA836E,
    0x81BE16CD, 0xF6B9265B, 0x6FB077E1, 0x18B74777,
    0x88085AE6, 0xFF0F6A70, 0x66063BCA, 0x11010B5C,
    0x8F659EFF, 0xF862AE69, 0x616BFFD3, 0x166CCF45,
    0xA00AE278, 0xD70DD2EE, 0x4E048354, 0x3903B3C2,
    0xA7672661, 0xD06016F7, 0x4969474D, 0x3E6E77DB,
    0xAED16A4A, 0xD9D65ADC, 0x40DF0B66, 0x37D83BF0,
    0xA9BCAE53, 0xDEBB9EC5, 0x47B2CF7F, 0x30B5FFE9,
    0xBDBDF21C, 0xCABAC28A, 0x53B39330, 0x24B4A3A6,
    0xBAD03605, 0xCDD70693, 0x54DE5729, 0x23D967BF,
    0xB3667A2E, 0xC4614AB8, 0x5D681B02, 0x2A6F2B94,
    0xB40BBE37, 0xC30C8EA1, 0x5A05DF1B, 0x2D02EF8D,
    /* T8_1 */
    0x00000000, 0x191B3141, 0x32366282, 0x2B2D53C3,
    0x646CC504, 0x7D77F445, 0x565AA786, 0x4F4196C7,
    0xC8D98A08, 0xD1C2BB49, 0xFAEFE88A, 0xE3F4D9CB,
    0xACB54F0C, 0xB5AE7E4D, 0x9E832D8E, 0x87981CCF,
    0x4AC21251, 0x53D92310, 0x78F470D3, 0x61EF4192,
    0x2EAED755, 0x37B5E614, 0x1C98B5D7, 0x05838496,
    0x821B9859, 0x9B00A918, 0xB02DFADB, 0xA936CB9A,
    0xE6775D5D, 0xFF6C6C1C, 0xD4413FDF, 0xCD5A0E9E,
    0x958424A2, 0x8C9F15E3, 0xA7B24620, 0xBEA97761,
    0xF1E8E1A6, 0xE8F3D0E7, 0xC3DE8324, 0xDAC5B265,
    0x5D5DAEAA, 0x44469FEB, 0x6F6BCC28, 0x7670FD69,
    0x39316BAE, 0x202A5AEF, 0x0B07092C, 0x121C386D,
    0xDF4636F3, 0xC65D07B2, 0xED705471, 0xF46B6530,
    0xBB2AF3F7, 0xA231C2B6, 0x891C9175, 0x9007A034,
    0x179FBCFB, 0x0E848DBA, 0x25A9DE79, 0x3CB2EF38,
    0x73F379FF, 0x6AE848BE, 0x41C51B7D, 0x58DE2A3C,
    0xF0794F05, 0xE9627E44, 0xC24F2D87, 0xDB541CC6,
    0x94158A01, 0x8D0EBB40, 0xA623E883, 0xBF38D9C2,
    0x38A0C50D, 0x21BBF44C, 0x0A96A78F, 0x138D96CE,
    0x5CCC0009, 0x45D73148, 0x6EFA628B, 0x77E153CA,
    0xBABB5D54, 0xA3A06C15, 0x888D3FD6, 0x91960E97,
    0xDED79850, 0xC7CCA911, 0xECE1FAD2, 0xF5FACB93,
    0x7262D75C, 0x6B79E61D, 0x4054B5DE, 0x594F849F,
    0x160E1258, 0x0F152319, 0x243870DA, 0x3D23419B,
    0x65FD6BA7, 0x7CE65AE6, 0x57CB0925, 0x4ED03864,
    0x0191AEA3, 0x188A9FE2, 0x33A7CC21, 0x2ABCFD60,
    0xAD24E1AF, 0xB43FD0EE, 0x9F12832D, 0x8609B26C,
    0xC94824AB, 0xD05315EA, 0xFB7E4629, 0xE2657768,
    0x2F3F79F6, 0x362448B7, 0x1D091B74, 0x04122A35,
    0x4B53BCF2, 0x52488DB3, 0x7965DE70, 0x607EEF31,
    0xE7E6F3FE, 0xFEFDC2BF, 0xD5D0917C, 0xCCCBA03D,
    0x838A36FA, 0x9A9107BB, 0xB1BC5478, 0xA8A76539,
    0x3B83984B, 0x2298A90A, 0x09B5FAC9, 0x10AECB88,
    0x5FEF5D4F, 0x46F46C0E, 0x6DD93FCD, 0x74C20E8C,
    0xF35A1243, 0xEA412302, 0xC16C70C1, 0xD8774180,
    0x9736D747, 0x8E2DE606, 0xA500B5C5, 0xBC1B8484,
    0x71418A1A, 0x685ABB5B, 0x4377E898, 0x5A6CD9D9,
    0x152D4F1E, 0x0C367E5F, 0x271B2D9C, 0x3E001CDD,
    0xB9980012, 0xA0833153, 0x8BAE6290, 0x92B553D1,
    0xDDF4C516, 0xC4EFF457, 0xEFC2A794, 0xF6D996D5,
    0xAE07BCE9, 0xB71C8DA8, 0x9C31DE6B, 0x852AEF2A,
    0xCA6B79ED, 0xD37048AC, 0xF85D1B6F, 0xE1462A2E,
    0x66DE36E1, 0x7FC507A0, 0x54E85463, 0x4DF36522,
    0x02B2F3E5, 0x1BA9C2A4, 0x30849167, 0x299FA026,
    0xE4C5AEB8, 0xFDDE9FF9, 0xD6F3CC3A, 0xCFE8FD7B,
    0x80A96BBC, 0x99B25AFD, 0xB29F093E, 0xAB84387F,
    0x2C1C24B0, 0x350715F1, 0x1E2A4632, 0x07317773,
    0x4870E1B4, 0x516BD0F5, 0x7A468336, 0x635DB277,
    0xCBFAD74E, 0xD2E1E60F, 0xF9CCB5CC, 0xE0D7848D,
    0xAF96124A, 0xB68D230B, 0x9DA070C8, 0x84BB4189,
    0x03235D46, 0x1A386C07, 0x31153FC4, 0x280E0E85,
    0x674F9842, 0x7E54A903, 0x5579FAC0, 0x4C62CB81,
    0x8138C51F, 0x9823F45E, 0xB30EA79D, 0xAA1596DC,
    0xE554001B, 0xFC4F315A, 0xD7626299, 0xCE7953D8,
    0x49E14F17, 0x50FA7E56, 0x7BD72D95, 0x62CC1CD4,
    0x2D8D8A13, 0x3496BB52, 0x1FBBE891, 0x06A0D9D0,
    0x5E7EF3EC, 0x4765C2AD, 0x6C48916E, 0x7553A02F,
    0x3A1236E8, 0x230907A9, 0x0824546A, 0x113F652B,
    0x96A779E4, 0x8FBC48A5, 0xA4911B66, 0xBD8A2A27,
    0xF2CBBCE0, 0xEBD08DA1, 0xC0FDDE62, 0xD9E6EF23,
    0x14BCE1BD, 0x0DA7D0FC, 0x268A833F, 0x3F91B27E,
    0x70D024B9, 0x69CB15F8, 0x42E6463B, 0x5BFD777A,
    0xDC656BB5, 0xC57E5AF4, 0xEE530937, 0xF7483876,
    0xB809AEB1, 0xA1129FF0, 0x8A3FCC33, 0x9324FD72,
    /* T8_2 */
    0x00000000, 0x01C26A37, 0x0384D46E, 0x0246BE59,
    0x0709A8DC, 0x06CBC2EB, 0x048D7CB2, 0x054F1685,
    0x0E1351B8, 0x0FD13B8F, 0x0D9785D6, 0x0C55EFE1,
    0x091AF964, 0x08D89353, 0x0A9E2D0A, 0x0B5C473D,
    0x1C26A370, 0x1DE4C947, 0x1FA2771E, 0x1E601D29,
    0x1B2F0BAC, 0x1AED619B, 0x18ABDFC2, 0x1969B5F5,
    0x1235F2C8, 0x13F798FF, 0x11B126A6, 0x10734C91,
    0x153C5A14, 0x14FE3023, 0x16B88E7A, 0x177AE44D,
    0x384D46E0, 0x398F2CD7, 0x3BC9928E, 0x3A0BF8B9,
    0x3F44EE3C, 0x3E86840B, 0x3CC03A52, 0x3D025065,
    0x365E1758, 0x379C7D6F, 0x35DAC336, 0x3418A901,
    0x3157BF84, 0x3095D5B3, 0x32D36BEA, 0x331101DD,
    0x246BE590, 0x25A98FA7, 0x27EF31FE, 0x262D5BC9,
    0x23624D4C, 0x22A0277B, 0x20E69922, 0x2124F315,
    0x2A78B428, 0x2BBADE1F, 0x29FC6046, 0x283E0A71,
    0x2D711CF4, 0x2CB376C3, 0x2EF5C89A, 0x2F37A2AD,
    0x709A8DC0, 0x7158E7F7, 0x731E59AE, 0x72DC3399,
    0x7793251C, 0x76514F2B, 0x7417F172, 0x75D59B45,
    0x7E89DC78, 0x7F4BB64F, 0x7D0D0816, 0x7CCF6221,
    0x798074A4, 0x78421E93, 0x7A04A0CA, 0x7BC6CAFD,
    0x6CBC2EB0, 0x6D7E4487, 0x6F38FADE, 0x6EFA90E9,
    0x6BB5866C, 0x6A77EC5B, 0x68315202, 0x69F33835,
    0x62AF7F08, 0x636D153F, 0x612BAB66, 0x60E9C151,
    0x65A6D7D4, 0x6464BDE3, 0x662203BA, 0x67E0698D,
    0x48D7CB20, 0x4915A117, 0x4B531F4E, 0x4A917579,
    0x4FDE63FC, 0x4E1C09CB, 0x4C5AB792, 0x4D98DDA5,
    0x46C49A98, 0x4706F0AF, 0x45404EF6, 0x448224C1,
    0x41CD3244, 0x400F5873, 0x4249E62A, 0x438B8C1D,
    0x54F16850, 0x55330267, 0x5775BC3E, 0x56B7D609,
    0x53F8C08C, 0x523AAABB, 0x507C14E2, 0x51BE7ED5,
    0x5AE239E8, 0x5B2053DF, 0x5966ED86, 0x58A487B1,
    0x5DEB9134, 0x5C29FB03, 0x5E6F455A, 0x5FAD2F6D,
    0xE1351B80, 0xE0F771B7, 0xE2B1CFEE, 0xE373A5D9,
    0xE63CB35C, 0xE7FED96B, 0xE5B86732, 0xE47A0D05,
    0xEF264A38, 0xEEE4200F, 0xECA29E56, 0xED60F461,
    0xE82FE2E4, 0xE9ED88D3, 0xEBAB368A, 0xEA695CBD,
    0xFD13B8F0, 0xFCD1D2C7, 0xFE976C9E, 0xFF5506A9,
    0xFA1A102C, 0xFBD87A1B, 0xF99EC442, 0xF85CAE75,
    0xF300E948, 0xF2C2837F, 0xF0843D26, 0xF1465711,
    0xF4094194, 0xF5CB2BA3, 0xF78D95FA, 0xF64FFFCD,
    0xD9785D60, 0xD8BA3757, 0xDAFC890E, 0xDB3EE339,
    0xDE71F5BC, 0xDFB39F8B, 0xDDF521D2, 0xDC374BE5,
    0xD76B0CD8, 0xD6A966EF, 0xD4EFD8B6, 0xD52DB281,
    0xD062A404, 0xD1A0CE33, 0xD3E6706A, 0xD2241A5D,
    0xC55EFE10, 0xC49C9427, 0xC6DA2A7E, 0xC7184049,
    0xC25756CC, 0xC3953CFB, 0xC1D382A2, 0xC011E895,
    0xCB4DAFA8, 0xCA8FC59F, 0xC8C97BC6, 0xC90B11F1,
    0xCC440774, 0xCD866D43, 0xCFC0D31A, 0xCE02B92D,
    0x91AF9640, 0x906DFC77, 0x922B422E, 0x93E92819,
    0x96A63E9C, 0x976454AB, 0x9522EAF2, 0x94E080C5,
    0x9FBCC7F8, 0x9E7EADCF, 0x9C381396, 0x9DFA79A1,
    0x98B56F24, 0x99770513, 0x9B31BB4A, 0x9AF3D17D,
    0x8D893530, 0x8C4B5F07, 0x8E0DE15E, 0x8FCF8B69,
    0x8A809DEC, 0x8B42F7DB, 0x89044982, 0x88C623B5,
    0x839A6488, 0x82580EBF, 0x801EB0E6, 0x81DCDAD1,
    0x8493CC54, 0x8551A663, 0x8717183A, 0x86D5720D,
    0xA9E2D0A0, 0xA820BA97, 0xAA6604CE, 0xABA46EF9,
    0xAEEB787C, 0xAF29124B, 0xAD6FAC12, 0xACADC625,
    0xA7F18118, 0xA633EB2F, 0xA4755576, 0xA5B73F41,
    0xA0F829C4, 0xA13A43F3, 0xA37CFDAA, 0xA2BE979D,
    0xB5C473D0, 0xB40619E7, 0xB640A7BE, 0xB782CD89,
    0xB2CDDB0C, 0xB30FB13B, 0xB1490F62, 0xB08B6555,
    0xBBD72268, 0xBA15485F, 0xB853F606, 0xB9919C31,
    0xBCDE8AB4, 0xBD1CE083, 0xBF5A5EDA, 0xBE9834ED,
    /* T8_3 */
    0x00000000, 0xB8BC6765, 0xAA09C88B, 0x12B5AFEE,
    0x8F629757, 0x37DEF032, 0x256B5FDC, 0x9DD738B9,
    0xC5B428EF, 0x7D084F8A, 0x6FBDE064, 0xD7018701,
    0x4AD6BFB8, 0xF26AD8DD, 0xE0DF7733, 0x58631056,
    0x5019579F, 0xE8A530FA, 0xFA109F14, 0x42ACF871,
    0xDF7BC0C8, 0x67C7A7AD, 0x75720843, 0xCDCE6F26,
    0x95AD7F70, 0x2D111815, 0x3FA4B7FB, 0x8718D09E,
    0x1ACFE827, 0xA2738F42, 0xB0C620AC, 0x087A47C9,
    0xA032AF3E, 0x188EC85B, 0x0A3B67B5, 0xB28700D0,
    0x2F503869, 0x97EC5F0C, 0x8559F0E2, 0x3DE59787,
    0x658687D1, 0xDD3AE0B4, 0xCF8F4F5A, 0x7733283F,
    0xEAE41086, 0x525877E3, 0x40EDD80D, 0xF851BF68,
    0xF02BF8A1, 0x48979FC4, 0x5A22302A, 0xE29E574F,
    0x7F496FF6, 0xC7F50893, 0xD540A77D, 0x6DFCC018,
    0x359FD04E, 0x8D23B72B, 0x9F9618C5, 0x272A7FA0,
    0xBAFD4719, 0x0241207C, 0x10F48F92, 0xA848E8F7,
    0x9B14583D, 0x23A83F58, 0x311D90B6, 0x89A1F7D3,
    0x1476CF6A, 0xACCAA80F, 0xBE7F07E1, 0x06C36084,
    0x5EA070D2, 0xE61C17B7, 0xF4A9B859, 0x4C15DF3C,
    0xD1C2E785, 0x697E80E0, 0x7BCB2F0E, 0xC377486B,
    0xCB0D0FA2, 0x73B168C7, 0x6104C729, 0xD9B8A04C,
    0x446F98F5, 0xFCD3FF90, 0xEE66507E, 0x56DA371B,
    0x0EB9274D, 0xB6054028, 0xA4B0EFC6, 0x1C0C88A3,
    0x81DBB01A, 0x3967D77F, 0x2BD27891, 0x936E1FF4,
    0x3B26F703, 0x839A9066, 0x912F3F88, 0x299358ED,
    0xB4446054, 0x0CF80731, 0x1E4DA8DF, 0xA6F1CFBA,
    0xFE92DFEC, 0x462EB889, 0x549B1767, 0xEC277002,
    0x71F048BB, 0xC94C2FDE, 0xDBF98030, 0x6345E755,
    0x6B3FA09C, 0xD383C7F9, 0xC1366817, 0x798A0F72,
    0xE45D37CB, 0x5CE150AE, 0x4E54FF40, 0xF6E89825,
    0xAE8B8873, 0x1637EF16, 0x048240F8, 0xBC3E279D,
    0x21E91F24, 0x99557841, 0x8BE0D7AF, 0x335CB0CA,
    0xED59B63B, 0x55E5D15E, 0x47507EB0, 0xFFEC19D5,
    0x623B216C, 0xDA874609, 0xC832E9E7, 0x708E8E82,
    0x28ED9ED4, 0x9051F9B1, 0x82E4565F, 0x3A58313A,
    0xA78F0983, 0x1F336EE6, 0x0D86C108, 0xB53AA66D,
    0xBD40E1A4, 0x05FC86C1, 0x1749292F, 0xAFF54E4A,
    0x322276F3, 0x8A9E1196, 0x982BBE78, 0x2097D91D,
    0x78F4C94B, 0xC048AE2E, 0xD2FD01C0, 0x6A4166A5,
    0xF7965E1C, 0x4F2A3979, 0x5D9F9697, 0xE523F1F2,
    0x4D6B1905, 0xF5D77E60, 0xE762D18E, 0x5FDEB6EB,
    0xC2098E52, 0x7AB5E937, 0x680046D9, 0xD0BC21BC,
    0x88DF31EA, 0x3063568F, 0x22D6F961, 0x9A6A9E04,
    0x07BDA6BD, 0xBF01C1D8, 0xADB46E36, 0x15080953,
    0x1D724E9A, 0xA5CE29FF, 0xB77B8611, 0x0FC7E174,
    0x9210D9CD, 0x2AACBEA8, 0x38191146, 0x80A57623,
    0xD8C66675, 0x607A0110, 0x72CFAEFE, 0xCA73C99B,
    0x57A4F122, 0xEF189647, 0xFDAD39A9, 0x45115ECC,
    0x764DEE06, 0xCEF18963, 0xDC44268D, 0x64F841E8,
    0xF92F7951, 0x41931E34, 0x5326B1DA, 0xEB9AD6BF,
    0xB3F9C6E9, 0x0B45A18C, 0x19F00E62, 0xA14C6907,
    0x3C9B51BE, 0x842736DB, 0x96929935, 0x2E2EFE50,
    0x2654B999, 0x9EE8DEFC, 0x8C5D7112, 0x34E11677,
    0xA9362ECE, 0x118A49AB, 0x033FE645, 0xBB838120,
    0xE3E09176, 0x5B5CF613, 0x49E959FD, 0xF1553E98,
    0x6C820621, 0xD43E6144, 0xC68BCEAA, 0x7E37A9CF,
    0xD67F4138, 0x6EC3265D, 0x7C7689B3, 0xC4CAEED6,
    0x591DD66F, 0xE1A1B10A, 0xF3141EE4, 0x4BA87981,
    0x13CB69D7, 0xAB770EB2, 0xB9C2A15C, 0x017EC639,
    0x9CA9FE80, 0x241599E5, 0x36A0360B, 0x8E1C516E,
    0x866616A7, 0x3EDA71C2, 0x2C6FDE2C, 0x94D3B949,
    0x090481F0, 0xB1B8E695, 0xA30D497B, 0x1BB12E1E,
    0x43D23E48, 0xFB6E592D, 0xE9DBF6C3, 0x516791A6,
    0xCCB0A91F, 0x740CCE7A, 0x66B96194, 0xDE0506F1,
    /* T8_4 */
    0x00000000, 0x3D6029B0, 0x7AC05360, 0x47A07AD0,
    0xF580A6C0, 0xC8E08F70, 0x8F40F5A0, 0xB220DC10,
    0x30704BC1, 0x0D106271, 0x4AB018A1, 0x77D03111,
    0xC5F0ED01, 0xF890C4B1, 0xBF30BE61, 0x825097D1,
    0x60E09782, 0x5D80BE32, 0x1A20C4E2, 0x2740ED52,
    0x95603142, 0xA80018F2, 0xEFA06222, 0xD2C04B92,
    0x5090DC43, 0x6DF0F5F3, 0x2A508F23, 0x1730A693,
    0xA5107A83, 0x98705333, 0xDFD029E3, 0xE2B00053,
    0xC1C12F04, 0xFCA106B4, 0xBB017C64, 0x866155D4,
    0x344189C4, 0x0921A074, 0x4E81DAA4, 0x73E1F314,
    0xF1B164C5, 0xCCD14D75, 0x8B7137A5, 0xB6111E15,
    0x0431C205, 0x3951EBB5, 0x7EF19165, 0x4391B8D5,
    0xA121B886, 0x9C419136, 0xDBE1EBE6, 0xE681C256,
    0x54A11E46, 0x69C137F6, 0x2E614D26, 0x13016496,
    0x9151F347, 0xAC31DAF7, 0xEB91A027, 0xD6F18997,
    0x64D15587, 0x59B17C37, 0x1E1106E7, 0x23712F57,
    0x58F35849, 0x659371F9, 0x22330B29, 0x1F532299,
    0xAD73FE89, 0x9013D739, 0xD7B3ADE9, 0xEAD38459,
    0x68831388, 0x55E33A38, 0x124340E8, 0x2F236958,
    0x9D03B548, 0xA0639CF8, 0xE7C3E628, 0xDAA3CF98,
    0x3813CFCB, 0x0573E67B, 0x42D39CAB, 0x7FB3B51B,
    0xCD93690B, 0xF0F340BB, 0xB7533A6B, 0x8A3313DB,
    0x0863840A, 0x3503ADBA, 0x72A3D76A, 0x4FC3FEDA,
    0xFDE322CA, 0xC0830B7A, 0x872371AA, 0xBA43581A,
    0x9932774D, 0xA4525EFD, 0xE3F2242D, 0xDE920D9D,
    0x6CB2D18D, 0x51D2F83D, 0x167282ED, 0x2B12AB5D,
    0xA9423C8C, 0x9422153C, 0xD3826FEC, 0xEEE2465C,
    0x5CC29A4C, 0x61A2B3FC, 0x2602C92C, 0x1B62E09C,
    0xF9D2E0CF, 0xC4B2C97F, 0x8312B3AF, 0xBE729A1F,
    0x0C52460F, 0x31326FBF, 0x7692156F, 0x4BF23CDF,
    0xC9A2AB0E, 0xF4C282BE, 0xB362F86E, 0x8E02D1DE,
    0x3C220DCE, 0x0142247E, 0x46E25EAE, 0x7B82771E,
    0xB1E6B092, 0x8C869922, 0xCB26E3F2, 0xF646CA42,
    0x44661652, 0x79063FE2, 0x3EA64532, 0x03C66C82,
    0x8196FB53, 0xBCF6D2E3, 0xFB56A833, 0xC6368183,
    0x74165D93, 0x49767423, 0x0ED60EF3, 0x33B62743,
    0xD1062710, 0xEC660EA0, 0xABC67470, 0x96A65DC0,
    0x248681D0, 0x19E6A860, 0x5E46D2B0, 0x6326FB00,
    0xE1766CD1, 0xDC164561, 0x9BB63FB1, 0xA6D61601,
    0x14F6CA11, 0x2996E3A1, 0x6E369971, 0x5356B0C1,
    0x70279F96, 0x4D47B626, 0x0AE7CCF6, 0x3787E546,
    0x85A73956, 0xB8C710E6, 0xFF676A36, 0xC2074386,
    0x4057D457, 0x7D37FDE7, 0x3A978737, 0x07F7AE87,
    0xB5D77297, 0x88B75B27, 0xCF1721F7, 0xF2770847,
    0x10C70814, 0x2DA721A4, 0x6A075B74, 0x576772C4,
    0xE547AED4, 0xD8278764, 0x9F87FDB4, 0xA2E7D404,
    0x20B743D5, 0x1DD76A65, 0x5A7710B5, 0x67173905,
    0xD537E515, 0xE857CCA5, 0xAFF7B675, 0x92979FC5,
    0xE915E8DB, 0xD475C16B, 0x93D5BBBB, 0xAEB5920B,
    0x1C954E1B, 0x21F567AB, 0x66551D7B, 0x5B3534CB,
    0xD965A31A, 0xE4058AAA, 0xA3A5F07A, 0x9EC5D9CA,
    0x2CE505DA, 0x11852C6A, 0x562556BA, 0x6B457F0A,
    0x89F57F59, 0xB49556E9, 0xF3352C39, 0xCE550589,
    0x7C75D999, 0x4115F029, 0x06B58AF9, 0x3BD5A349,
    0xB9853498, 0x84E51D28, 0xC34567F8, 0xFE254E48,
    0x4C059258, 0x7165BBE8, 0x36C5C138, 0x0BA5E888,
    0x28D4C7DF, 0x15B4EE6F, 0x521494BF, 0x6F74BD0F,
    0xDD54611F, 0xE03448AF, 0xA794327F, 0x9AF41BCF,
    0x18A48C1E, 0x25C4A5AE, 0x6264DF7E, 0x5F04F6CE,
    0xED242ADE, 0xD044036E, 0x97E479BE, 0xAA84500E,
    0x4834505D, 0x755479ED, 0x32F4033D, 0x0F942A8D,
    0xBDB4F69D, 0x80D4DF2D, 0xC774A5FD, 0xFA148C4D,
    0x78441B9C, 0x4524322C, 0x028448FC, 0x3FE4614C,
    0x8DC4BD5C, 0xB0A494EC, 0xF704EE3C, 0xCA64C78C,
    /* T8_5 */
    0x00000000, 0xCB5CD3A5, 0x4DC8A10B, 0x869472AE,
    0x9B914216, 0x50CD91B3, 0xD659E31D, 0x1D0530B8,
    0xEC53826D, 0x270F51C8, 0xA19B2366, 0x6AC7F0C3,
    0x77C2C07B, 0xBC9E13DE, 0x3A0A6170, 0xF156B2D5,
    0x03D6029B, 0xC88AD13E, 0x4E1EA390, 0x85427035,
    0x9847408D, 0x531B9328, 0xD58FE186, 0x1ED33223,
    0xEF8580F6, 0x24D95353, 0xA24D21FD, 0x6911F258,
    0x7414C2E0, 0xBF481145, 0x39DC63EB, 0xF280B04E,
    0x07AC0536, 0xCCF0D693, 0x4A64A43D, 0x81387798,
    0x9C3D4720, 0x57619485, 0xD1F5E62B, 0x1AA9358E,
    0xEBFF875B, 0x20A354FE, 0xA6372650, 0x6D6BF5F5,
    0x706EC54D, 0xBB3216E8, 0x3DA66446, 0xF6FAB7E3,
    0x047A07AD, 0xCF26D408, 0x49B2A6A6, 0x82EE7503,
    0x9FEB45BB, 0x54B7961E, 0xD223E4B0, 0x197F3715,
    0xE82985C0, 0x23755665, 0xA5E124CB, 0x6EBDF76E,
    0x73B8C7D6, 0xB8E41473, 0x3E7066DD, 0xF52CB578,
    0x0F580A6C, 0xC404D9C9, 0x4290AB67, 0x89CC78C2,
    0x94C9487A, 0x5F959BDF, 0xD901E971, 0x125D3AD4,
    0xE30B8801, 0x28575BA4, 0xAEC3290A, 0x659FFAAF,
    0x789ACA17, 0xB3C619B2, 0x35526B1C, 0xFE0EB8B9,
    0x0C8E08F7, 0xC7D2DB52, 0x4146A9FC, 0x8A1A7A59,
    0x971F4AE1, 0x5C439944, 0xDAD7EBEA, 0x118B384F,
    0xE0DD8A9A, 0x2B81593F, 0xAD152B91, 0x6649F834,
    0x7B4CC88C, 0xB0101B29, 0x36846987, 0xFDD8BA22,
    0x08F40F5A, 0xC3A8DCFF, 0x453CAE51, 0x8E607DF4,
    0x93654D4C, 0x58399EE9, 0xDEADEC47, 0x15F13FE2,
    0xE4A78D37, 0x2FFB5E92, 0xA96F2C3C, 0x6233FF99,
    0x7F36CF21, 0xB46A1C84, 0x32FE6E2A, 0xF9A2BD8F,
    0x0B220DC1, 0xC07EDE64, 0x46EAACCA, 0x8DB67F6F,
    0x90B34FD7, 0x5BEF9C72, 0xDD7BEEDC, 0x16273D79,
    0xE7718FAC, 0x2C2D5C09, 0xAAB92EA7, 0x61E5FD02,
    0x7CE0CDBA, 0xB7BC1E1F, 0x31286CB1, 0xFA74BF14,
    0x1EB014D8, 0xD5ECC77D, 0x5378B5D3, 0x98246676,
    0x852156CE, 0x4E7D856B, 0xC8E9F7C5, 0x03B52460,
    0xF2E396B5, 0x39BF4510, 0xBF2B37BE, 0x7477E41B,
    0x6972D4A3, 0xA22E0706, 0x24BA75A8, 0xEFE6A60D,
    0x1D661643, 0xD63AC5E6, 0x50AEB748, 0x9BF264ED,
    0x86F75455, 0x4DAB87F0, 0xCB3FF55E, 0x006326FB,
    0xF135942E, 0x3A69478B, 0xBCFD3525, 0x77A1E680,
    0x6AA4D638, 0xA1F8059D, 0x276C7733, 0xEC30A496,
    0x191C11EE, 0xD240C24B, 0x54D4B0E5, 0x9F886340,
    0x828D53F8, 0x49D1805D, 0xCF45F2F3, 0x04192156,
    0xF54F9383, 0x3E134026, 0xB8873288, 0x73DBE12D,
    0x6EDED195, 0xA5820230, 0x2316709E, 0xE84AA33B,
    0x1ACA1375, 0xD196C0D0, 0x5702B27E, 0x9C5E61DB,
    0x815B5163, 0x4A0782C6, 0xCC93F068, 0x07CF23CD,
    0xF6999118, 0x3DC542BD, 0xBB513013, 0x700DE3B6,
    0x6D08D30E, 0xA65400AB, 0x20C07205, 0xEB9CA1A0,
    0x11E81EB4, 0xDAB4CD11, 0x5C20BFBF, 0x977C6C1A,
    0x8A795CA2, 0x41258F07, 0xC7B1FDA9, 0x0CED2E0C,
    0xFDBB9CD9, 0x36E74F7C, 0xB0733DD2, 0x7B2FEE77,
    0x662ADECF, 0xAD760D6A, 0x2BE27FC4, 0xE0BEAC61,
    0x123E1C2F, 0xD962CF8A, 0x5FF6BD24, 0x94AA6E81,
    0x89AF5E39, 0x42F38D9C, 0xC467FF32, 0x0F3B2C97,
    0xFE6D9E42, 0x35314DE7, 0xB3A53F49, 0x78F9ECEC,
    0x65FCDC54, 0xAEA00FF1, 0x28347D5F, 0xE368AEFA,
    0x16441B82, 0xDD18C827, 0x5B8CBA89, 0x90D0692C,
    0x8DD55994, 0x46898A31, 0xC01DF89F, 0x0B412B3A,
    0xFA1799EF, 0x314B4A4A, 0xB7DF38E4, 0x7C83EB41,
    0x6186DBF9, 0xAADA085C, 0x2C4E7AF2, 0xE712A957,
    0x15921919, 0xDECECABC, 0x585AB812, 0x93066BB7,
    0x8E035B0F, 0x455F88AA, 0xC3CBFA04, 0x089729A1,
    0xF9C19B74, 0x329D48D1, 0xB4093A7F, 0x7F55E9DA,
    0x6250D962, 0xA90C0AC7, 0x2F987869, 0xE4C4ABCC,
    /* T8_6 */
    0x00000000, 0xA6770BB4, 0x979F1129, 0x31E81A9D,
    0xF44F2413, 0x52382FA7, 0x63D0353A, 0xC5A73E8E,
    0x33EF4E67, 0x959845D3, 0xA4705F4E, 0x020754FA,
    0xC7A06A74, 0x61D761C0, 0x503F7B5D, 0xF64870E9,
    0x67DE9CCE, 0xC1A9977A, 0xF0418DE7, 0x56368653,
    0x9391B8DD, 0x35E6B369, 0x040EA9F4, 0xA279A240,
    0x5431D2A9, 0xF246D91D, 0xC3AEC380, 0x65D9C834,
    0xA07EF6BA, 0x0609FD0E, 0x37E1E793, 0x9196EC27,
    0xCFBD399C, 0x69CA3228, 0x582228B5, 0xFE552301,
    0x3BF21D8F, 0x9D85163B, 0xAC6D0CA6, 0x0A1A0712,
    0xFC5277FB, 0x5A257C4F, 0x6BCD66D2, 0xCDBA6D66,
    0x081D53E8, 0xAE6A585C, 0x9F8242C1, 0x39F54975,
    0xA863A552, 0x0E14AEE6, 0x3FFCB47B, 0x998BBFCF,
    0x5C2C8141, 0xFA5B8AF5, 0xCBB39068, 0x6DC49BDC,
    0x9B8CEB35, 0x3DFBE081, 0x0C13FA1C, 0xAA64F1A8,
    0x6FC3CF26, 0xC9B4C492, 0xF85CDE0F, 0x5E2BD5BB,
    0x440B7579, 0xE27C7ECD, 0xD3946450, 0x75E36FE4,
    0xB044516A, 0x16335ADE, 0x27DB4043, 0x81AC4BF7,
    0x77E43B1E, 0xD19330AA, 0xE07B2A37, 0x460C2183,
    0x83AB1F0D, 0x25DC14B9, 0x14340E24, 0xB2430590,
    0x23D5E9B7, 0x85A2E203, 0xB44AF89E, 0x123DF32A,
    0xD79ACDA4, 0x71EDC610, 0x4005DC8D, 0xE672D739,
    0x103AA7D0, 0xB64DAC64, 0x87A5B6F9, 0x21D2BD4D,
    0xE47583C3, 0x42028877, 0x73EA92EA, 0xD59D995E,
    0x8BB64CE5, 0x2DC14751, 0x1C295DCC, 0xBA5E5678,
    0x7FF968F6, 0xD98E6342, 0xE86679DF, 0x4E11726B,
    0xB8590282, 0x1E2E0936, 0x2FC613AB, 0x89B1181F,
    0x4C162691, 0xEA612D25, 0xDB8937B8, 0x7DFE3C0C,
    0xEC68D02B, 0x4A1FDB9F, 0x7BF7C102, 0xDD80CAB6,
    0x1827F438, 0xBE50FF8C, 0x8FB8E511, 0x29CFEEA5,
    0xDF879E4C, 0x79F095F8, 0x48188F65, 0xEE6F84D1,
    0x2BC8BA5F, 0x8DBFB1EB, 0xBC57AB76, 0x1A20A0C2,
    0x8816EAF2, 0x2E61E146, 0x1F89FBDB, 0xB9FEF06F,
    0x7C59CEE1, 0xDA2EC555, 0xEBC6DFC8, 0x4DB1D47C,
    0xBBF9A495, 0x1D8EAF21, 0x2C66B5BC, 0x8A11BE08,
    0x4FB68086, 0xE9C18B32, 0xD82991AF, 0x7E5E9A1B,
    0xEFC8763C, 0x49BF7D88, 0x78576715, 0xDE206CA1,
    0x1B87522F, 0xBDF0599B, 0x8C184306, 0x2A6F48B2,
    0xDC27385B, 0x7A5033EF, 0x4BB82972, 0xEDCF22C6,
    0x28681C48, 0x8E1F17FC, 0xBFF70D61, 0x198006D5,
    0x47ABD36E, 0xE1DCD8DA, 0xD034C247, 0x7643C9F3,
    0xB3E4F77D, 0x1593FCC9, 0x247BE654, 0x820CEDE0,
    0x74449D09, 0xD23396BD, 0xE3DB8C20, 0x45AC8794,
    0x800BB91A, 0x267CB2AE, 0x1794A833, 0xB1E3A387,
    0x20754FA0, 0x86024414, 0xB7EA5E89, 0x119D553D,
    0xD43A6BB3, 0x724D6007, 0x43A57A9A, 0xE5D2712E,
    0x139A01C7, 0xB5ED0A73, 0x840510EE, 0x22721B5A,
    0xE7D525D4, 0x41A22E60, 0x704A34FD, 0xD63D3F49,
    0xCC1D9F8B, 0x6A6A943F, 0x5B828EA2, 0xFDF58516,
    0x3852BB98, 0x9E25B02C, 0xAFCDAAB1, 0x09BAA105,
    0xFFF2D1EC, 0x5985DA58, 0x686DC0C5, 0xCE1ACB71,
    0x0BBDF5FF, 0xADCAFE4B, 0x9C22E4D6, 0x3A55EF62,
    0xABC30345, 0x0DB408F1, 0x3C5C126C, 0x9A2B19D8,
    0x5F8C2756, 0xF9FB2CE2, 0xC813367F, 0x6E643DCB,
    0x982C4D22, 0x3E5B4696, 0x0FB35C0B, 0xA9C457BF,
    0x6C636931, 0xCA146285, 0xFBFC7818, 0x5D8B73AC,
    0x03A0A617, 0xA5D7ADA3, 0x943FB73E, 0x3248BC8A,
    0xF7EF8204, 0x519889B0, 0x6070932D, 0xC6079899,
    0x304FE870, 0x9638E3C4, 0xA7D0F959, 0x01A7F2ED,
    0xC400CC63, 0x6277C7D7, 0x539FDD4A, 0xF5E8D6FE,
    0x647E3AD9, 0xC209316D, 0xF3E12BF0, 0x55962044,
    0x90311ECA, 0x3646157E, 0x07AE0FE3, 0xA1D90457,
    0x579174BE, 0xF1E67F0A, 0xC00E6597, 0x66796E23,
    0xA3DE50AD, 0x05A95B19, 0x34414184, 0x92364A30,
    /* T8_7 */
    0x00000000, 0xCCAA009E, 0x4225077D, 0x8E8F07E3,
    0x844A0EFA, 0x48E00E64, 0xC66F0987, 0x0AC50919,
    0xD3E51BB5, 0x1F4F1B2B, 0x91C01CC8, 0x5D6A1C56,
    0x57AF154F, 0x9B0515D1, 0x158A1232, 0xD92012AC,
    0x7CBB312B, 0xB01131B5, 0x3E9E3656, 0xF23436C8,
    0xF8F13FD1, 0x345B3F4F, 0xBAD438AC, 0x767E3832,
    0xAF5E2A9E, 0x63F42A00, 0xED7B2DE3, 0x21D12D7D,
    0x2B142464, 0xE7BE24FA, 0x69312319, 0xA59B2387,
    0xF9766256, 0x35DC62C8, 0xBB53652B, 0x77F965B5,
    0x7D3C6CAC, 0xB1966C32, 0x3F196BD1, 0xF3B36B4F,
    0x2A9379E3, 0xE639797D, 0x68B67E9E, 0xA41C7E00,
    0xAED97719, 0x62737787, 0xECFC7064, 0x205670FA,
    0x85CD537D, 0x496753E3, 0xC7E85400, 0x0B42549E,
    0x01875D87, 0xCD2D5D19, 0x43A25AFA, 0x8F085A64,
    0x562848C8, 0x9A824856, 0x140D4FB5, 0xD8A74F2B,
    0xD2624632, 0x1EC846AC, 0x9047414F, 0x5CED41D1,
    0x299DC2ED, 0xE537C273, 0x6BB8C590, 0xA712C50E,
    0xADD7CC17, 0x617DCC89, 0xEFF2CB6A, 0x2358CBF4,
    0xFA78D958, 0x36D2D9C6, 0xB85DDE25, 0x74F7DEBB,
    0x7E32D7A2, 0xB298D73C, 0x3C17D0DF, 0xF0BDD041,
    0x5526F3C6, 0x998CF358, 0x1703F4BB, 0xDBA9F425,
    0xD16CFD3C, 0x1DC6FDA2, 0x9349FA41, 0x5FE3FADF,
    0x86C3E873, 0x4A69E8ED, 0xC4E6EF0E, 0x084CEF90,
    0x0289E689, 0xCE23E617, 0x40ACE1F4, 0x8C06E16A,
    0xD0EBA0BB, 0x1C41A025, 0x92CEA7C6, 0x5E64A758,
    0x54A1AE41, 0x980BAEDF, 0x1684A93C, 0xDA2EA9A2,
    0x030EBB0E, 0xCFA4BB90, 0x412BBC73, 0x8D81BCED,
    0x8744B5F4, 0x4BEEB56A, 0xC561B289, 0x09CBB217,
    0xAC509190, 0x60FA910E, 0xEE7596ED, 0x22DF9673,
    0x281A9F6A, 0xE4B09FF4, 0x6A3F9817, 0xA6959889,
    0x7FB58A25, 0xB31F8ABB, 0x3D908D58, 0xF13A8DC6,
    0xFBFF84DF, 0x37558441, 0xB9DA83A2, 0x7570833C,
    0x533B85DA, 0x9F918544, 0x111E82A7, 0xDDB48239,
    0xD7718B20, 0x1BDB8BBE, 0x95548C5D, 0x59FE8CC3,
    0x80DE9E6F, 0x4C749EF1, 0xC2FB9912, 0x0E51998C,
    0x04949095, 0xC83E900B, 0x46B197E8, 0x8A1B9776,
    0x2F80B4F1, 0xE32AB46F, 0x6DA5B38C, 0xA10FB312,
    0xABCABA0B, 0x6760BA95, 0xE9EFBD76, 0x2545BDE8,
    0xFC65AF44, 0x30CFAFDA, 0xBE40A839, 0x72EAA8A7,
    0x782FA1BE, 0xB485A120, 0x3A0AA6C3, 0xF6A0A65D,
    0xAA4DE78C, 0x66E7E712, 0xE868E0F1, 0x24C2E06F,
    0x2E07E976, 0xE2ADE9E8, 0x6C22EE0B, 0xA088EE95,
    0x79A8FC39, 0xB502FCA7, 0x3B8DFB44, 0xF727FBDA,
    0xFDE2F2C3, 0x3148F25D, 0xBFC7F5BE, 0x736DF520,
    0xD6F6D6A7, 0x1A5CD639, 0x94D3D1DA, 0x5879D144,
    0x52BCD85D, 0x9E16D8C3, 0x1099DF20, 0xDC33DFBE,
    0x0513CD12, 0xC9B9CD8C, 0x4736CA6F, 0x8B9CCAF1,
    0x8159C3E8, 0x4DF3C376, 0xC37CC495, 0x0FD6C40B,
    0x7AA64737, 0xB60C47A9, 0x3883404A, 0xF42940D4,
    0xFEEC49CD, 0x32464953, 0xBCC94EB0, 0x70634E2E,
    0xA9435C82, 0x65E95C1C, 0xEB665BFF, 0x27CC5B61,
    0x2D095278, 0xE1A352E6, 0x6F2C5505, 0xA386559B,
    0x061D761C, 0xCAB77682, 0x44387161, 0x889271FF,
    0x825778E6, 0x4EFD7878, 0xC0727F9B, 0x0CD87F05,
    0xD5F86DA9, 0x19526D37, 0x97DD6AD4, 0x5B776A4A,
    0x51B26353, 0x9D1863CD, 0x1397642E, 0xDF3D64B0,
    0x83D02561, 0x4F7A25FF, 0xC1F5221C, 0x0D5F2282,
    0x079A2B9B, 0xCB302B05, 0x45BF2CE6, 0x89152C78,
    0x50353ED4, 0x9C9F3E4A, 0x121039A9, 0xDEBA3937,
    0xD47F302E, 0x18D530B0, 0x965A3753, 0x5AF037CD,
    0xFF6B144A, 0x33C114D4, 0xBD4E1337, 0x71E413A9,
    0x7B211AB0, 0xB78B1A2E, 0x39041DCD, 0xF5AE1D53,
    0x2C8E0FFF, 0xE0240F61, 0x6EAB0882, 0xA201081C,
    0xA8C40105, 0x646E019B, 0xEAE10678, 0x264B06E6



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