What Is XJC (XML to Java Compiler)


What Is XJC (XML to Java Compiler)?

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What Is XJC (XML to Java Compiler) a command line tool provided in Java SE 8 package to help you to compile an XML schema file into Java data object classes according the JAXB 2.2.8 specification.

Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB) is a Java API that allows Java developers to map Java classes to XML representations.

Here is how to run the XJC tool and see its version and command line options:

\fyicenter>\local\jdk-1.8.0\bin\xjc -version
xjc 2.2.8-b130911.1802

\fyicenter>\local\jdk-1.8.0\bin\xjc -help
Usage: xjc [-options ...] <schema file/URL/dir/jar> ... [-b <bindinfo>] ...
If dir is specified, all schema files in it will be compiled.
If jar is specified, /META-INF/sun-jaxb.episode binding file will be compiled.
  -nv                :  do not perform strict validation of the input schema(s)
  -extension         :  allow vendor extensions - do not strictly follow the
                        Compatibility Rules and App E.2 from the JAXB Spec
  -b <file/dir>      :  specify external bindings files (each <file> must have its own -b)
                        If a directory is given, **/*.xjb is searched
  -d <dir>           :  generated files will go into this directory
  -p <pkg>           :  specifies the target package
  -httpproxy <proxy> :  set HTTP/HTTPS proxy. Format is [user[:password]@]proxyHost:proxyPort
  -httpproxyfile <f> :  Works like -httpproxy but takes the argument in a file to protect password
  -classpath <arg>   :  specify where to find user class files
  -catalog <file>    :  specify catalog files to resolve external entity references
                        support TR9401, XCatalog, and OASIS XML Catalog format.
  -readOnly          :  generated files will be in read-only mode
  -npa               :  suppress generation of package level annotations (**/package-info.java)
  -no-header         :  suppress generation of a file header with timestamp
  -target (2.0|2.1)  :  behave like XJC 2.0 or 2.1 and generate code that doesnt use any 2.2 features.
  -encoding <encoding> :  specify character encoding for generated source files
  -enableIntrospection :  enable correct generation of Boolean getters/setters to enable Bean Introspection apis
  -disableXmlSecurity  :  disables XML security features when parsing XML documents
  -contentForWildcard  :  generates content property for types with multiple xs:any derived elements
  -xmlschema         :  treat input as W3C XML Schema (default)
  -relaxng           :  treat input as RELAX NG (experimental,unsupported)
  -relaxng-compact   :  treat input as RELAX NG compact syntax (experimental,unsupported)
  -dtd               :  treat input as XML DTD (experimental,unsupported)
  -wsdl              :  treat input as WSDL and compile schemas inside it (experimental,unsupported)
  -verbose           :  be extra verbose
  -quiet             :  suppress compiler output
  -help              :  display this help message
  -version           :  display version information
  -fullversion       :  display full version information

  -Xinject-code      :  inject specified Java code fragments into the generated
  -Xlocator          :  enable source location support for generated code
  -Xsync-methods     :  generate accessor methods with the 'synchronized' keyword
  -mark-generated    :  mark the generated code as @javax.annotation.Generated
  -episode <FILE>    :  generate the episode file for separate compilation
  -Xpropertyaccessors :  Use XmlAccessType PROPERTY instead of FIELD for generated classes


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