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Downloading and Reviewing Maven JAR Files

Apache Maven Tool, What Is It

Apache Maven Internal Design Architecture

Download and Install Apache Maven 3.8.6

apache-maven-3.8.6-bin.zip - Apache Maven Binary Package

maven-core-3.8.6.jar - Maven Core Module

maven-artifact-3.8.6.jar - Maven Artifact Module

maven-builder-support-3.8.6.jar - Builder Support Module

maven-compat-3.8.6.jar - Maven Compact Module

maven-embedder-3.8.6.jar - Maven Embedder Module

maven-model-3.8.6.jar - Maven Model Module

maven-model-builder-3.8.6.jar - Model Builder Module

maven-plugin-api-3.8.6.jar - Plugin API Module

maven-resolver-provider-3.8.6.jar - Resolver Provider Module

maven-settings-3.8.6.jar - Maven Settings Module

maven-settings-builder-3.8.6.jar - Settings Builder Module

maven-slf4j-provider-3.8.6.jar - SLF4J Provider Module

Old Versions of Maven JAR Files

Download and Install Apache Maven 3.5.4

apache-maven-3.5.4-bin.zip - Apache Maven Binary Package

maven-core-3.5.4.jar - Maven Core Module

maven-compat-3.5.4.jar - Maven Compact Module

maven-embedder-3.5.4.jar - Maven Embedder Module

maven-settings-builder-3.5.4.jar - Maven Settings Builder Module

maven-model-builder-3.5.4.jar - Model Builder Module

Using Apache Maven

"mvn -v" - Verify Apache Maven Version

"mvn -h" - List Maven Commands and Options

"mvn archetype:generate" - Generate Maven Project

"mvn package" - Compile Maven Project

pom.xml - Maven Project File

Maven Project Compilation Output

"maven-archetype-quickstart" - Default Java Code

Maven Project Build Phases

"mvn clean" - Compile Maven Project

"mvn dependency:copy-dependencies" - JAR Dependencies

\users\*\.m2 - Maven Local Repository

Create Maven Project Manually

abo-1.0.jar - Maven Test Project Target

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Downloading and Reviewing Maven JAR Files

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