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What is the socket\ provided in the Apache Xerces package? I have Apache Xerces 2.11.0 installed.

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socket\ provided in the Apache Xerces package delays the input to the SAX parser to simulate reading data from a socket where data is not always immediately available.

An XML parser should be able to parse the input and perform the necessary callbacks as data becomes available. So this is a good way to test any parser that implements the SAX2 XMLReader interface to see if it can parse data as it arrives.

Here is how to run socket\, if you have Apache Xerces 2.11.0 installed:

   -cp \fyicenter\xerces-2_11_0\xercesSamples.jar socket.DelayedInput
usage: java socket.DelayedInput (options) filename ...

  -p name  Select parser by name.
  -n | -N  Turn on/off namespace processing.
  -v | -V  Turn on/off validation.
  -s | -S  Turn on/off Schema validation support.
           NOTE: Not supported by all parsers.
  -f  | -F Turn on/off Schema full checking.
           NOTE: Requires use of -s and not supported by all parsers.
  -h       This help screen.

  Parser:     org.apache.xerces.parsers.SAXParser
  Namespaces: on
  Validation: off
  Schema:     off
  Schema full checking:     off


Read XML from Socket with socket\

Using Apache Xerces Socket Sample Programs

Using Apache Xerces Socket Sample Programs

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