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How to write a simple "Hello World!" example with Rhino JavaScript Java library? I have Rhino 1.7R5 installed.

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If your have Rhino 1.7R5 installed, you can try the following example program, RhinoHello.java:

// Copyright (c) 2017 FYIcenter.com
import org.mozilla.javascript.ContextFactory;
import org.mozilla.javascript.Context;
import org.mozilla.javascript.Scriptable;

public class RhinoHello {
   public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
    ContextFactory f = new ContextFactory();
      Context c = f.enterContext();
    Scriptable s = c.initStandardObjects();

    String js = "java.lang.System.out.println('Hello world!')";
      c.evaluateString(s, js, null, 1, null);

Compile and run the example program, RhinoHello.java:

>\fyicenter\jdk-1.8.0\bin\javac -cp \fyicenter\rhino1_7R5\js.jar RhinoHello.java

>\fyicenter\jdk-1.8.0\bin\java -cp .;\fyicenter\rhino1_7R5\js.jar RhinoHello

Hello world!


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Using Rhino JavaScript Library in Java Programs

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