JDK 11 jdk.compiler.jmod - Compiler Tool

JDK 11 jdk.compiler.jmod is the JMOD file for JDK 11 Compiler tool, which can be invoked by the "javac" command.

JDK 11 Compiler tool compiled class files are stored in \fyicenter\jdk-11.0.1\jmods\jdk.compiler.jmod.

JDK 11 Compiler tool compiled class files are also linked and stored in the \fyicenter\jdk-11.0.1\lib\modules JImage file.

JDK 11 Compiler source code files are stored in \fyicenter\jdk-11.0.1\lib\src.zip\jdk.compiler.

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 * Copyright (c) 2014, 2015, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
 * ORACLE PROPRIETARY/CONFIDENTIAL. Use is subject to license terms.

package com.sun.tools.sjavac.comp.dependencies;

import java.util.Collection;
import java.util.HashSet;
import java.util.Map;
import java.util.Set;

import javax.tools.JavaFileObject;

import com.sun.source.tree.Tree;
import com.sun.source.util.TaskEvent;
import com.sun.source.util.TaskListener;
import com.sun.tools.javac.code.Symbol.ClassSymbol;
import com.sun.tools.javac.tree.JCTree.JCClassDecl;
import com.sun.tools.javac.tree.JCTree.JCCompilationUnit;
import com.sun.tools.javac.util.Context;
import com.sun.tools.javac.util.DefinedBy;
import com.sun.tools.javac.util.DefinedBy.Api;
import com.sun.tools.sjavac.Log;
import com.sun.tools.sjavac.comp.PubAPIs;
import com.sun.tools.sjavac.pubapi.PubApi;

public class PublicApiCollector implements TaskListener {

    private Context context;
    private final Set<ClassSymbol> classSymbols = new HashSet<>();
    private final Collection<JavaFileObject> explicitJFOs;

    // Result collected upon compilation task finished
    private Map<String, PubApi> explicitPubApis;
    private Map<String, PubApi> nonExplicitPubApis;

    public PublicApiCollector(Context context,
                              Collection<JavaFileObject> explicitJFOs) {
        this.context = context;
        this.explicitJFOs = explicitJFOs;

    public void finished(TaskEvent e) {
        switch (e.getKind()) {
        case ANALYZE:
            collectClassSymbols((JCCompilationUnit) e.getCompilationUnit());
        case COMPILATION:
            Log.debug("Compilation finished");
            Log.debug("Extracting pub APIs for the following symbols:");
            for (ClassSymbol cs : classSymbols)
                Log.debug("    " + cs.fullname);

            // Save result for later retrieval. (Important that we do this
            // before we return from this method, because we may not access
            // symbols after compilation is finished.)
            PubAPIs pa = PubAPIs.instance(context);
            explicitPubApis = pa.getPubapis(explicitJFOs, true);
            nonExplicitPubApis = pa.getPubapis(explicitJFOs, false);


    private void collectClassSymbols(JCCompilationUnit cu) {
        for (Tree t : cu.getTypeDecls()) {
            if (t instanceof JCClassDecl)  // Can also be a JCSkip
                classSymbols.add(((JCClassDecl) t).sym);

    private void extractPubApis() {
        // To handle incremental builds (subsequent sjavac invocations) we need
        // to keep track of the public API of what we depend upon.
        // During the recompilation loop (within a single sjavac invocation) we
        // need to keep track of public API of what we're compiling to decide if
        // any dependants needs to be tainted.
        PubAPIs pubApis = PubAPIs.instance(context);

    public Map<String, PubApi> getPubApis(boolean explicit) {
        return explicit ? explicitPubApis : nonExplicitPubApis;



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Release date: 2018-11-04


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