Downloading SLF4J Components


How to download JAR files for different SLF4J Components?

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SLF4J not only offers the abstract API, but it also offers other components to help binding to different logging libraries.

Steps to download SLF4J component JAR files:

1. Go to SLF4J Download Website. You see a list of SLF4J components.

2. Click and open SLF4J API component: "slf4j-api". You see a list of releases for SLF4J API.

3. Click and open "2.0.4". You see a list SLF4J API JAR and other files.

4. Click "slf4j-api-2.0.4.jar" to download SLF4J API 2.0.4 JAR file.

5. Save slf4j-api-2.0.4.jar to your Java class path.

Repeat these steps to download other SLF4J components.


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