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Jackson is "the Java JSON library" or "the best JSON parser for Java". Or simply as "JSON for Java".

  • Jackson Data Binding module allows you to converts JSON to and from POJO (Plain Old Java Object) using property accessor or using annotations.
  • Jackson Databind Source Code files are provided in the source packge (jackson-databind-2.14.0-sources.jar). You can download it at Jackson Maven Website.

    You can also browse Jackson Databind Source Code below:

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    package com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.util;
     * Enumeration used to indicate required access pattern for providers:
     * this can sometimes be used to optimize out dynamic calls.
     * The main difference is between constant values (which can be resolved once)
     * and dynamic ones (which must be resolved anew every time).
    public enum AccessPattern {
         * Value that indicates that provider never returns anything other than
         * Java `null`.
         * Value that indicates that provider will always return a constant
         * value, regardless of when it is called; and also that it never
         * uses `context` argument (which may then be passed as `null`)
         * Value that indicates that provider may return different values
         * at different times (often a freshly constructed empty container),
         * and thus must be called every time "null replacement" value is
         * needed.



    Or download all of them as a single archive file:

    File name: jackson-databind-2.14.0-sources.jar
    File size: 1187952 bytes
    Release date: 2022-11-05


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