Donwload antlr-4.10.1-runtime.jar


How to download and install antlr-4.10.1-runtime.jar?

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If you just want to run parsers/lexers Java classes generated by ANTLR, you can follow this tutorial to download and install antlr-4.10.1-runtime.jar:

1. Go to ANTLR Website.

2. Click "Donwload" in the top menu. You see the download page.

3. Click "ANTLR 4.10.1 Java runtime binaries jar" link in the "ANTLR tool and Java Target" section.

4. Save the downloaded file to \fyicenter\antlr-4.10.1-runtime.jar.

5. Verify the antlr-4.10.1-runtime.jar file:

>dir \fyicenter
   322,137 antlr-4.10.1-runtime.jar

Download and installation is done.

Donwload antlr-4.10.1-complete.jar


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