Install Apache BCEL 6.5.0 Binary Package


How to download and install Apache BCEL Binary Package?

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An Apache BCEL Binary Package is an pre-compiled version of Apache BCEL compressed into a single file like An Apache BCEL Binary Package is ready to run in a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) environment on Windows, Mac or Linux systems.

If you want to use Apache BCEL in your Java 8+ environment, you can follow these steps to download and install

1. Apache BCEL Website.

2. Click the "Download" link from the left side menu. You see the download page showing up.

3. Click and download "" in the "Apache Commons BCEL 6.5.0 (Java 8)" section.

4. Save the downloaded file as

5. Unzip the downloaded file Extracted files will be in a sub-directory called bcel-6.5.0.

6. Check extracted files:

> cd bcel-6.5.0
> dir 
      3018   bcel-6.5.0/apidocs/index.html

   2629781   bcel-6.5.0/bcel-6.5.0-javadoc.jar
    695764   bcel-6.5.0/bcel-6.5.0-sources.jar
    110106   bcel-6.5.0/bcel-6.5.0-test-sources.jar
    132227   bcel-6.5.0/bcel-6.5.0-tests.jar
    695048   bcel-6.5.0/bcel-6.5.0.jar
     11358   bcel-6.5.0/LICENSE.txt
       179   bcel-6.5.0/NOTICE.txt
     26876   bcel-6.5.0/RELEASE-NOTES.txt
     14024   bcel-6.5.0/src/examples/
 ---------   -------
  29269201   1304 files

Installation is done.


Apache BCEL 6.5.0 Source Code Files

Apache BCEL Source Code Files

Apache BCEL (Byte Code Engineering Library)

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