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What is commons-logging.jar?

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commons-logging.jar, Apache Commons Logging Java library, is an ultra-thin bridge between different logging implementations. A library that uses the commons-logging API can be used with any logging implementation at runtime. Commons-logging comes with support for a number of popular logging implementations, and writing adapters for others is a reasonably simple task.

Applications (rather than libraries) may also choose to use commons-logging. While logging-implementation independence is not as important for applications as it is for libraries, using commons-logging does allow the application to change to a different logging implementation without recompiling code.

Note that commons-logging does not attempt to initialize or terminate the underlying logging implementation that is used at runtime; that is the responsibility of the application. However many popular logging implementations do automatically initialize themselves; in this case an application may be able to avoid containing any code that is specific to the logging implementation used.

Releases of Apache Commons Logging Java library, commons-logging.jar:

commons-logging   1.2     2014-07-09
commons-logging   1.1.3   2013-05-20
commons-logging   1.1.2   2013-03-20
commons-logging   1.1.1   2007-11
commons-logging   1.1     2006-05-10
commons-logging   1.0.4   2004-06-16
commons-logging   1.0.3   2003-04-07
commons-logging   1.0.2   2002-09-27
commons-logging   1.0.1   2002-08-13

For more information, see Apache Commons Logging Website.


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Downloading and Reviewing commons-logging.jar

Downloading and Reviewing commons-logging.jar

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