Replace JAF in JDK with activation.jar


Why do I need to replace JAF in JDK with activation.jar? JAF {JavaBeans Activation Framework} has been included in JDK since 1.6.



Yes, JAF (JavaBeans Activation Framework) has been included in JDK since 1.6. But there are several reasons why you may need to use the JAF provided in activation.jar instead the JAF provided in JDK.

1. Your application is still running with JDK 1.5 or older.

2. Your application may need to use an older version of the API, like JAF 1.0.

3. Your application may need to use some Sun implementation class offered in the activation.jar, like com.sun.activation.viewers.TextViewer or com.sun.activation.viewers.ImageViewer.

For example, if you run with activation.jar, you can view the file:

\fyicenter>java -version
java version "1.7.0_45"

\fyicenter>java -classpath .;\local\jaf-1.1.1\activation.jar JAFApp

If you run with JDK only, without activation.jar, you can not view the file, because there is no viewer class for text files:

\fyicenter>java -classpath . JAFApp

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