JAF (JavaBeans Activation Framework) API 1.1


How does the JAF {JavaBeans Activation Framework} API 1.1 work?

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JAF (JavaBeans Activation Framework) API 1.1 is designed with 5 main classes:

1. javax.activation.DataHandler class - Provides a consistent interface between JAF-aware clients and other subsystems.

2. javax.activation.DataSource interface - Encapsulates an object that contains data, and that can return both a stream providing data access, and a string defining the MIME type describing the data.

3. javax.activationCommandMap Interface - Provides a service that allows consumers of its interfaces to determine the ‘commands’ available on a particular MIME type as well as an interface to retrieve an object that can operate on an object of a particular MIME type (effectively a component registry). The

4. java.activation.CommandObject interface - Implemented by JavaBeans in order to interact with JAF services. JAF-aware JavaBeans components can directly access their DataSource and DataHandler objects in order to retrieve the data type and to act on the data.

Here is very high-level architecture diagram of JAF API 1.1:

JAF API Architecture
JAF API Architecture


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