List of XSL-FO Examples in FOP


What are XSL-FO example files provided in FOP? I want to learn how to write XSL-FO files.



FOP is binary distribution package of Apache FOP 2.7. It contains the following XSL-FO example files:

  • - a very simple file which gives use a first impression of the structure of an XSL-FO file
  • - a simple file showing the use of a 2 level of headings, normal text and a header.
  • - some table examples
  • - a short tutorial how to use list fo's and properties
  • - shows how to embed GIF and JPEG images into the XSL-FO file using external-graphic.
  • - a not so simple example how to use borders in tables
  • - a longer test file containing a lot of different flow objects and properties. A good candidate to test your bugfix or new FOP code.
  • - shows different uses of fo:leader, p.e. as rule or in a table of content
  • - shows the use of computed property values
  • - shows the use of inherited property values
  • - shows the use of fo:instream-foreign-object together with SVG
  • - shows the use of the property text-decoration
  • - uses an old version of FOP documentation for a longer example

The same examples are provided in FOP 2.7, 2.2, 2.1, and 2.0.


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FOP Commands and Examples

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