Prerequisites for Apache Log4j 1.x


What are the prerequisites for Apache Log4j 1.x?



Apache Log4j 1.x is a logging library for Java applications developed by Apache Software Foundation. Here are the prerequisites for Log4j:

Log4j 1.2.8 and earlier are compatible with JDK 1.1.x and later, later versions of log4j 1.2 are compatible with JDK 1.2 and later.

The DOMConfigurator is based on the DOM Level 1 API. The DOMConfigurator.configure(Element) method will work with any XML parser that will pass it a DOM tree.

The DOMConfigurator.configure(String filename) method and its variants require a JAXP compatible XML parser, for example Xerces or Sun's parser. Compiling the DOMConfigurator requires the presence of a JAXP parser in the classpath.

The relies on the JavaMail API. It has been tested with JavaMail API version 1.2. The JavaMail API requires the JavaBeans Activation Framework package.

The requires the presence of the JMS API as well as JNDI.

log4j test code relies on the JUnit testing framework.


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Using Apache Log4j 1.x in Java Programs

Using Apache Log4j 1.x in Java Programs

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