What Is POP3 (Post Office Protocol version 3)


What Is POP3 (Post Office Protocol version 3)? Can I use it to download emails?

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POP3 (Post Office Protocol version 3) is a network protocol that allow you to access a mailbox on a remote email server.

Yes, you can use POP3 to download emails. POP3 can not be used to send out emails.

POP3 is defined by "RFC 1939 - Post Office Protocol - Version 3" in 1996 as below:

On certain types of smaller nodes in the Internet it is often impractical to maintain a message transport system (MTS). For example, a workstation may not have sufficient resources (cycles, disk space) in order to permit a SMTP server [RFC821] and associated local mail delivery system to be kept resident and continuously running. Similarly, it may be expensive (or impossible) to keep a personal computer interconnected to an IP-style network for long amounts of time (the node is lacking the resource known as "connectivity").

Despite this, it is often very useful to be able to manage mail on these smaller nodes, and they often support a user agent (UA) to aid the tasks of mail handling. To solve this problem, a node which can support an MTS entity offers a maildrop service to these less endowed nodes. The Post Office Protocol - Version 3 (POP3) is intended to permit a workstation to dynamically access a maildrop on a server host in a useful fashion. Usually, this means that the POP3 protocol is used to allow a workstation to retrieve mail that the server is holding for it.

POP3 is not intended to provide extensive manipulation operations of mail on the server; normally, mail is downloaded and then deleted. A more advanced (and complex) protocol, IMAP4, is discussed in [RFC1730].


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