JAR File Dependencies of Apache POI Java Library


What are JAR File Dependencies of Apache POI Java Library?

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Different components of Apache POI Java Library have different JAR file dependencies. You can use the dependency mapping list to figure out which external JAR files are required to support a specific component of Apache POI Java Library.

  • ooxml-security.jar - Requires xmlbeans.jar, bcpkix-jdk15on.jar, bcprov-jdk15on.jar, xmlsec.jar, slf4j-api.jar.
  • ooxml-schemas.jar - Requires xmlbeans.jar.
  • poi-ooxml-schemas.jar - Requires xmlbeans.jar.
  • poi-ooxml.jar - Requires poi.jar, poi-ooxml-schemas.jar.
  • poi-scratchpad.jar - Requires poi.jar.
  • poi.jar - Requires commons-logging.jar, commons-codec.jar, commons-collections.jar, log4j.jar


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