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jTDS Java library is a JDBC Driver for SQL Server and Sybase. You can follow these steps to download and install to use jTDS Java library:

1. Go to jTDS Website.

2. Click the "Download" link from the left side menu. You see the download page showing up.

3. Click the "Files" tab, then open "jtds" folder. You see a list of download files showing up.

4. Click and download "".

5. Save the downloaded file as \local\

6. Create \local\jtds-1.3.1 folder. Then unzip the downloaded file \local\ to \local\jtds-1.3.1.

7. Check to ensure that the \local\poi-3.15\poi-3.15.jar file is there:

06/08/2013  12:27 PM   317,816 jtds-1.3.1.jar

Installation is done.


Downloading jTDS - JDBC Driver for SQL Server

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