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How to download and install



The binary package contains pre-compiled Java class files and other supporting files for JDBC Driver for SQL Server and Sybase. They are compressed into a single file like

The pre-compiled Java class files are stored in a JAR file called lib/httpclient5-5.2.jar in the binary package. The JAR file is ready to run in JVM.

You can download the binary package file by clicking the download button below:

File name:
File size: 551235 bytes
Release date: 2013-06-08

You can also follow these steps to download and install

1. Go to jTDS Website.

2. Click the "Download" link from the left side menu. You see the download page showing up.

3. Click the "Files" tab, then open "jtds" folder. You see a list of download files showing up.

4. Click and download "".

5. Save the downloaded file as \local\

6. Create \local\jtds-1.3.1 folder. Then unzip the downloaded file \local\ to \local\jtds-1.3.1.

7. Check to ensure that the \local\jtds-1.3.1\jtds-1.3.1 file is there:

06/08/2013  12:27 PM  317816  jtds-1.3.1.jar

Installation is done.


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