SchemaCompiler - Call XML Schema Compiler Directly


How to call the XML Schema Compiler, SchemaCompiler.class, directly? The "scomp" command is not working.



If the "scomp" command is not working, you can call the XML Schema Compiler, SchemaCompiler.class, directly as shown below:

1. Run "java" command from Java SE 8 JDK to call SchemaCompiler.class:

   -cp .\lib\xbean.jar org.apache.xmlbeans.impl.tool.SchemaCompiler 
   -out easypo.jar schemas\easypo.xsd

Time to build schema type system: 0.452 seconds
Time to generate code: 0.234 seconds
Time to compile code: 2.281 seconds
Compiled types to: easypo.jar

2. Open the generated JAR file: easypo.jar. You see the following 4 Java data type classes presenting 4 complex element types defined in easypo.xsd:

        1731  org\openuri\easypo\Customer.class
        1801  org\openuri\easypo\LineItem.class
        1405  org\openuri\easypo\PurchaseOrderDocument.class
        1465  org\openuri\easypo\Shipper.class


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