Launching Java Applications with JavaWS and JNLP


What are need to launch a Java application over the Internet with JavaWS and JNLP?

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If you want to publish a Java application to your end users over the Internet, and to allow them to launch the Java application with JavaWS and JNLP, you need to prepare the following:

1. Tell your end users to download and install JRE (Java Runtime Environment) on their machine.

2. Tell your end users to use the JavaWS command line tool on the client machine. The JavaWS command line tool is distributed as part of the JRE package.

3. Publish you application JAR file on your server machine. The application JAR contains all Java classes that are needed to run the application.

4. Distribute the application JNLP file to your end users. The application JNLP file provides configurations where to get the application JAR file, and how the application should be launched.

Your end users can then run the JavaWS command with the application JNLP file to launch the application.

See the next tutorial for a complete example of launching Java application with JavaWS and JNLP.


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