Run JavaWS with JNLP File in Verbose Mode


How to run JavaWS command with JNLP file in verbose mode? I want to see more details on how JavaWS command works.

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If you want to see more details on JavaWS command works, you can run JavaWS command in verbose mode as shown below:

fyicenter> javaws -verbose dynamictree.jnlp

You see a message window showing with the following detailed information:

Launching: \fyicenter\jre-1.8.0\bin\javaw.exe

   -classpath \fyicenter\jre-1.8.0\lib\deploy.jar\fyicenter\jre-1.8.0\lib\security\javaws.policy

The above information tells you that JavaWS command is running the \fyicenter\jre-1.8.0\bin\javaw.exe program with a long list of options.

2. Click OK to close the message window. You see a new window the demo application showing a tree of nodes.


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