What Is Apache xml-commons Project


What is Apache xml-commons Project?

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Apache xml-commons is Apache project focussed on common code and guidelines for xml projects. The first focus will be to organize and have common packaging for the various externally-defined standards code relating to XML - things like the DOM, SAX, and JAXP interfaces.

Apache xml-commons will also tend to be more focussed on smaller, interoperable modules of code and a very high degree of stability.

Apache xml-commons encompasses two kinds of code: External and Apache.

External code: xml-commons will serve as an Apache-controlled copy of externally-defined standards-based files. This way, we can try to manage common versions of these important xml standards-based files and interfaces.

Apache code: xml-commons will serve as a shared repository for common xml-oriented utilities or building blocks that several other xml.apache.org projects wish to use. Currently is has the Resolver code from Norm Walsh.

Apache xml-commons has been included in The Apache Xerces Project now.

For more information on Apache xml-commons Project, see xml-commons Website.


Apache xml-commons External Code Package

Downloading Apache xml-commons

Downloading Apache xml-commons

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