"FOP -awt" - Generate Output on Screen


How to use "FOP -awt" option to generate output on the screen?

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If you want to display output on the screen instead of PDF files, you can use the "FOP -awt" command option. Here is how to do this:

\fyicenter>cd \local\fop-2.2\fop

\local\fop-2.2\fop>fop -awt examples\fo\basic\fonts.fo
org.apache.fop.render.java2d.Java2DRenderer getPageImage
INFO: Rendering Page 1 (pageWidth 595, pageHeight 842)

The output will be displayed on the screen as shown below:
FOP Example - Display Output on Screen

The same example is provided in FOP 2.2, 2.1, and 2.0.


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