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 * @(#)Transferable.java	1.5 01/12/10
 * Copyright 2002 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.
 * SUN PROPRIETARY/CONFIDENTIAL. Use is subject to license terms.

package java.awt.datatransfer;

import java.io.IOException;

 * Defines the interface for classes that can be used to provide data
 * for a transfer operation.
 * @version 	1.5, 12/10/01
 * @author	Amy Fowler  

public interface Transferable {

     * Returns an array of DataFlavor objects indicating the flavors the data 
     * can be provided in.  The array should be ordered according to preference
     * for providing the data (from most richly descriptive to least descriptive).
     * @return an array of data flavors in which this data can be transferred
    public DataFlavor[] getTransferDataFlavors();

     * Returns whether or not the specified data flavor is supported for
     * this object.
     * @param flavor the requested flavor for the data
     * @return boolean indicating wjether or not the data flavor is supported
    public boolean isDataFlavorSupported(DataFlavor flavor);

     * Returns an object which represents the data to be transferred.  The class 
     * of the object returned is defined by the representation class of the flavor.
     * @param flavor the requested flavor for the data
     * @see DataFlavor#getRepresentationClass
     * @exception IOException                if the data is no longer available
     *              in the requested flavor.
     * @exception UnsupportedFlavorException if the requested data flavor is
     *              not supported.
    public Object getTransferData(DataFlavor flavor) throws UnsupportedFlavorException, IOException;




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