Download and Install Snappy-Java Binary Package


How to download and install Snappy-Java Binary Package?



Snappy-Java is a Java port of the "snappy", a fast C++ compresser/decompresser developed by Google.

The binary package contains a pre-compiled version of Snappy-Java and it is ready to use.

You can follow these steps to download and install snappy-java- to use Snappy-Java

1. Go to the Snappy Maven Website.

2. Click to open "snappy-java/" folder.

3. Click and download "snappy-java-".

4. Save the downloaded .gz file as \fyicenter\snappy-java-

Installation is done. You need to include downloaded JAR file in the Java classpath to use Snappy-Java.


snappy-java- - Snappy-Java

Snappy-Java Source Code

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