Download and Install javax.mail-1.5.4.jar


How to download and install javax.mail-1.5.4.jar?



The JavaMail API is a set of abstract APIs that model a mail system. You can follow these steps to download and install javax.mail-1.5.4.jar to use JavaMail API:

1. Go to the JavaMail Maven repository.

2. Click to open the "1.5.4/" folder.

3. Click the "javax.mail-1.5.4.jar" link with "Mon Jun 22 23:05:11 UTC 2015 - 582023" to start download.

4. Save the downloaded file as \local\javamail-1.5.4\javax.mail-1.5.4.jar.

6. Check the JAR files in the \local\javamail-1.5.4 folder to ensure that the file has 582,023 bytes:

582,023 javax.mail-1.5.4.jar

Installation is done.


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