JarAnalyzer - Read XML Output


How to read the XML output file generated by JarAnalyzer?

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After running the "runxmlsummary" command, you should review the output.

The output is an XML file of the dependencies between the jar files in the directory specified when JarAnalyzer was run. Here's a listing of the primary elements that JarAnalyzer reports on.

  • JarName: The name of the JAR file analyzed.
  • Statistics: Number of packages and classes in the JAR file. Inner class are included in this count. The Level represents where in the hierarchy a JAR file resides. Level 1 components are at the bottom. Level 2 depend on at least one Level 1. Level 3 depend on at least one Level 2. And so on.
  • Metrics: These are based on the "Martin Metrics".
  • Packages: Names of the packages in the JAR file.
  • OutgoingDependencies: Dependent JAR files based on what was found in the directory being analyzed.
  • IncomingDependencies: JAR files dependent on this jar file.
  • Cycles: Lists the jar file's cyclic dependencies.
  • UnresolvedDependencies: Names of packages not found in the JAR files in the directory being analyzed.


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