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How to run JarAnalyzer?

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Running JarAnalyzer is easy. Download the binary version, unzip the file, and execute the runxmlsummary.bat file. Type in the name of the directory with the JAR files you want to analyze. Next, type in the name of the output .xml.

You can also specify filters to exclude certain packages in jar files when examining the dependencies. This will help minimize the number of unresolved dependencies on packages that you are not interested in reporting on. The default filter in Filter.properties is to exclude all packages beginning with java. and javax. You can also choose to filter specific JAR files.

Command line example for running JarAnalyzer:

> runxmlsummary.bat /Users/fyicenter/jars 


JarAnalyzer - Read XML Output

Download JarAnalyzer-1.2.zip

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