What Is jarscan


Did you ever have a ClassNotFoundException and you did not know what jar-file is missing? And you were clicking through a hundred jar-files to find that class? Then jarscan helps you. jarscan searches recursively all archives in the current directory and all subdirectories for a certain entry. It even recursively scans archives in archives. You can also search for text in files, for the JDK-Version of .class files or for doubled files in archives.

You can use jarscan as a command line tool or as a library.

Download File Size and Download Location:

File name: jarscan.zip
File size: 207,926 bytes
Release date: 26-Apr-2013
Download: jarscan Page - Not available anymore.

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Unzip the downloaded file and you are ready to try jarscan by running "jarscan.bat".

File list of jarscan.zip:

  27886  jarscan.jar
   1608  javadoc\index.html
     59  jarscan.bat
  36556  license.txt
   2942  src\de\dixti\jarscan\FileStream.java
   6273  src\de\dixti\jarscan\Jar.java
   8903  src\de\dixti\jarscan\JarScan.java
    327  src\de\dixti\jarscan\JarScanException.java
   3610  src\de\dixti\jarscan\Main.java
  11867  src\de\dixti\jarscan\Options.java
    961  src\de\dixti\jarscan\Printer.java
   7085  src\de\dixti\jarscan\Result.java
    962  src\de\dixti\jarscan\Scanner.java
   4469  src\de\dixti\jarscan\core\ClassVersionScanner.java
   2450  src\de\dixti\jarscan\core\ConsolePrinter.java
   2583  src\de\dixti\jarscan\core\DoubleScanner.java
   1061  src\de\dixti\jarscan\core\FileNameScanner.java
   2835  src\de\dixti\jarscan\core\FileScanner.java
   2462  src\de\dixti\jarscan\core\ManifestScanner.java
# Total                   Size  Files
#                       747601  115


Install jarscan

jarscan - JAR File Scanner

jarscan - JAR File Scanner

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