Search by Key Word with jarscan


jarscan is a command line tool and library for scanning JAR archives.

This how-to tutorial shows you how to search for JAR file entries by a given key word in file names in all JAR files in a given folder.



Example 1: To search for entries that have "text" in their file names in all JAR files in the "xyz-2.1.3" folder:

jarscan -d xyz-2.1.3 text

You should see output with the folloowing elements:

  • ...: The first points show you the progress of scanning. Every point represents a scanned archive.
  • Output: The current directory contains "" that contains "textFile1.txt". The subdirectory "dir2" contains "archive2.jar" that contains "textInArchive2.txt" and so on.
  • Suffix: Note that jarscan does not look at the suffix. For example if you rename an archive to archive.txt jarscan will also scan it.
  • Wildcards: jarscan always uses wildcards. So if you search for text, atextb would be a hit.
  • Case Sensitive: Searching is case sensitive. So if you search for text, aText would not be a hit


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jarscan - JAR File Scanner

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