JNA-Platform 3.3.0 License information....FOSS evaluation


Hello, Trying to do a FOSS evaluation for JNA-Platform 3.3.0. Where is can i find the licensing information for this particular software package. thanks, Carlos

✍: Carlos

JNA-Platform 3.3.0 is dual-licensed under 2 alternative Open Source/Free licenses: LGPL 2.1 and Apache License 2.0. (starting with JNA version 4.0.0).

What this means is that one can choose either one of these licenses (for purposes of re-distributing JNA; usually by including it as one of jars another application or library uses) by downloading corresponding jar file, using it, and living happily everafter.

See full license file at: https://github.com/twall/jna/blob/master/LICENSE.

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