"jar" Commands to Split A JAR File


How to split a JAR file into two JAR files? I jave a huge JAR file and I only need to use one package of classes from the JAR file.

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If you have a huge JAR file and want to build a smaller JAR file with classes from one package from the huge JAR file, you can follow these steps:

1. Put the huge JAR files into .\lib folder.

2. Create a sub folder called temp under .\lib folder.

\fyicenter>cd lib
\fyicenter\lib>mkdir temp

3. Go to the .\lib\temp folder and extract all classes from a given package:

\fyicenter\lib>cd temp
\fyicenter\lib\temp>jar -xf ..\activation.jar com/sub/activation

4. Create a new JAR file with only one package

\fyicenter\lib\temp>jar -cf ..\activation-sun.jar .

5. Take the activation-sun.jar in the .\lib folder and delete .\lib\temp folder.

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