What Is jms-1_0_2b.zip


What Is jms-1_0_2b.zip? I downloaded it from the JMS (Java Message Service) page.

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jms-1_0_2b.zip is the package of Sun implementation version 1.0.2b of JMS (Java Message Service) 1.0 specification. It contains the jms.jar file compiled for JDK 1.1.

Download File Size and Download Location:

File name: jms-1_0_2b.zip
File size: 309,615 bytes
Release date: 20-Jul-2001
Download: Oracle JMS Download

File list of jms-1_0_2b.zip:

    697  doc\api\index.html
    703  doc\api\packages.html
  21544  src\javax\jms\BytesMessage.java
  12586  src\javax\jms\Connection.java
  27724  lib\jms.jar
# Total                   Size  Files
#                      1407198  139

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