What Is examples.telnet.TelnetClientExample.java


What is examples.telnet.TelnetClientExample.java?

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examples.telnet.TelnetClientExample.java is an example program of demonstrating how to TelnetClient class.

An external option handler (SimpleTelnetOptionHandler) is used. Initial configuration requested by TelnetClient will be: WILL ECHO, WILL SUPPRESS-GA, DO SUPPRESS-GA. VT100 terminal type will be subnegotiated.

You can follow these steps to download, view and run examples.telnet.WeatherTelnet.java program.

1. Download commons-net-3.5-bin.zip file from Apache Commons Net.

2. Unzip all files from commons-net-3.5-bin.zip, and install them to C:\local. You should see C:\local\commons-net-3.5 folder with two JAR files and "examples" sub folder:

05/01/2016  11:37 PM           303,658 commons-net-3.5.jar
05/01/2016  11:37 PM            82,453 commons-net-examples-3.5.jar
05/01/2016  11:37 PM    <DIR>          examples

3. View C:\local\commons-net-3.5\examples\telnet\TelnetClientExample.java with a text editor.

4. Run TelnetClientExample.java in command window with both JAR files included in the classpath:

C:\fyicenter> java 
   -cp .;C:\local\commons-net-3.5\commons-net-3.5.jar

Usage: TelnetClientExample <remote-ip> [<remote-port>]


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