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What is DataExtraction example in the Apache POI package? How to run DataExtraction example?



DataExtraction example in the Apache POI package is created by Yegor Kozlov. It demonstrates how to create basic paragraph and text formatting on a PowerPoint slide in *.pptx format.

DataExtraction example uses the OpenXML Slide Layout Format (XSLF) API, which supports PowerPoint slides in *.pptx format only.

Here is the command to run DataExtraction to extract text from a PowerPoint slide file text.pptx which was generated by the Tutorial2 example.

   -cp .;C:\local\poi-3.15\poi-examples-3.15.jar;
   org.apache.poi.xslf.usermodel.DataExtraction text.pptx
Pagesize: java.awt.Dimension[width=720,height=540]

Paragraph Formatting
Paragraph  properties apply to all text residing within the corresponding paragraph.

Run Formatting
Run level formatting is the most granular property level and allows for the 
specifying of all low level text properties. The text run is what all paragraphs 
are derived from and thus specifying various properties per run will allow for 
a diversely formatted text paragraph.


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