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What is BulletsDemo example in the Apache POI package? How to run BulletsDemo example?

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BulletsDemo example in the Apache POI package is created by Yegor Kozlov. It demonstrates how to create a single-level bulleted list and change some of the bullet attributes in *.ppt format.

BulletsDemo example uses the Horrible Slide Layout Format (HSLF) API, which supports PowerPoint slides in *.ppt format only.

Here is the command to run BulletsDemo to generate PowerPoint slide file in *.ppt file format compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint 97 version.

   -cp .;C:\local\poi-3.15\poi-examples-3.15.jar;

If you open the output file, bullets.ppt, in PowerPoint, you will see a slide with a list of bullets:
Apache POI PowerPoint Slide Example - BulletsDemo


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