What Is SJP (Scripting for the Java Platform)


What is SJP (Scripting for the Java Platform)?

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SJP (Scripting for the Java Platform) is an API specification developed by JCP (Java Community Process) as JSR 223 "Java Specification Request 223 - Scripting for the JavaTM Platform".

The SJP API consists of a framework that allows Java Scripting Engines to be used in Java Applications and classes and interfaces and that define Java Scripting Engines. The API is intended for use by application programmers who wish to execute programs written in scripting languages in their Java applications. The scripting language programs are usually provided by the end-users of the applications.

The classes and interfaces specified in SJP belong to the "javax.script.*" package unless otherwise stated.

For more informaiton on SJP (Scripting for the Java Platform), see "JSR 223 - Scripting for the JavaTM Platform"


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