How to download and install



If you want to try JNIWrapper you can follow this tutorial to download and install

JNIWrapper is a Java library for calling native library functions developed by TeamDev.

1. Go to JNIWrapper Website.

2. Click "Donwload" on the right side. You see the platform selection page.

3. Click "Cross-Desktop" button. You see download process started.

4. Save the downloaded file to \fyicenter\

5. Unzip the downloaded file to \fyicenter\jniwrapper folder.

6. Verify the JNIWrapper JAR file:

>dir \fyicenter\jniwrapper\lib
10/21/2016  03:36 PM           228,100 jniwrap-3.12.jar

Download and installation is done.


What Is

What Is JNIWrapper

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