What Is JNIWrapper


What is JNIWrapper?

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JNIWrapper is a Java library for calling native library functions developed by TeamDev.

With JNIWrapper, you can extensively use the potential of the underlying platform (like tray icons or custom shape splash screens) with only a single native library, having the full control over the program flow on the Java side.

Main features of JNIWrapper:

  • Comprehensive native function invocation support - JNIWrapper supports both stdcall and cdecl calling conventions and all complex C types including structures and unions. Callbacks are fully supported with any parameter and return types and both calling conventions. For unexpected cases, you can create your own types taking full control over parameter behavior.
  • Automatic resource management - All resources allocated by JNIWrapper components are released automatically when no longer required. You can treat JNIWrapper variables as ordinary objects that can be picked up by Java garbage collector. JNIWrapper objects are also safe with regard to finalizers: all resources are guaranteed to be available during finalization.
  • High performance - This has always been our priority. JNIWrapper has been specially tuned for performance, particularly in cases where large amounts of data are involved in the interactions.
  • Minimum behind-the-scenes operation - You should always be able to see and understand what is happening when they work with native-side data. This helps both to develop and debug complex interactions between Java and native code.

For more information on JNIWrapper, see JNIWrapper Website.


Donwload jniwrapper-3.12-cross-desktop-win_mac_linux.zip

FAQ for JNIWrapper Java Library

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