JDK 11 jdk.compiler.jmod - Compiler Tool

JDK 11 jdk.compiler.jmod is the JMOD file for JDK 11 Compiler tool, which can be invoked by the "javac" command.

JDK 11 Compiler tool compiled class files are stored in \fyicenter\jdk-11.0.1\jmods\jdk.compiler.jmod.

JDK 11 Compiler tool compiled class files are also linked and stored in the \fyicenter\jdk-11.0.1\lib\modules JImage file.

JDK 11 Compiler source code files are stored in \fyicenter\jdk-11.0.1\lib\src.zip\jdk.compiler.

You can click and view the content of each source code file in the list below.

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package com.sun.tools.javac.resources;

public final class javac extends java.util.ListResourceBundle {
    protected final Object[][] getContents() {
        return new Object[][] {
            { "javac.fullVersion", "{0} full version \"{1}\"" },
            { "javac.msg.bug", "An exception has occurred in the compiler ({0}). Please file a bug against the Java compiler via the Java bug reporting page (http://bugreport.java.com) after checking the Bug Database (http://bugs.java.com) for duplicates. Include your program and the following diagnostic in your report. Thank you." },
            { "javac.msg.io", "\n\nAn input/output error occurred.\nConsult the following stack trace for details.\n" },
            { "javac.msg.plugin.uncaught.exception", "\n\nA plugin threw an uncaught exception.\nConsult the following stack trace for details.\n" },
            { "javac.msg.proc.annotation.uncaught.exception", "\n\nAn annotation processor threw an uncaught exception.\nConsult the following stack trace for details.\n" },
            { "javac.msg.resource", "\n\nThe system is out of resources.\nConsult the following stack trace for details.\n" },
            { "javac.msg.usage", "Usage: {0} <options> <source files>\nuse --help for a list of possible options" },
            { "javac.msg.usage.header", "Usage: {0} <options> <source files>\nwhere possible options include:" },
            { "javac.msg.usage.nonstandard.footer", "These extra options are subject to change without notice." },
            { "javac.opt.A", "Options to pass to annotation processors" },
            { "javac.opt.AT", "Read options and filenames from file" },
            { "javac.opt.J", "Pass <flag> directly to the runtime system" },
            { "javac.opt.Werror", "Terminate compilation if warnings occur" },
            { "javac.opt.X", "Print help on extra options" },
            { "javac.opt.Xbootclasspath.a", "Append to the bootstrap class path" },
            { "javac.opt.Xbootclasspath.p", "Prepend to the bootstrap class path" },
            { "javac.opt.Xdoclint", "Enable recommended checks for problems in javadoc comments" },
            { "javac.opt.Xdoclint.custom", "Enable or disable specific checks for problems in javadoc comments,\nwhere <group> is one of accessibility, html, missing, reference, or syntax,\nand <access> is one of public, protected, package, or private." },
            { "javac.opt.Xdoclint.package.args", "[-]<packages>(,[-]<package>)*" },
            { "javac.opt.Xdoclint.package.desc", "Enable or disable checks in specific packages. Each <package> is either the\nqualified name of a package or a package name prefix followed by '.*', which\nexpands to all sub-packages of the given package. Each <package> can be prefixed\nwith '-' to disable checks for the specified package or packages." },
            { "javac.opt.Xdoclint.subopts", "(all|none|[-]<group>)[/<access>]" },
            { "javac.opt.Xlint", "Enable recommended warnings" },
            { "javac.opt.Xlint.all", "Enable all warnings" },
            { "javac.opt.Xlint.custom", "Warnings to enable or disable, separated by comma.\nPrecede a key by '-' to disable the specified warning.\nSupported keys are:" },
            { "javac.opt.Xlint.desc.auxiliaryclass", "Warn about an auxiliary class that is hidden in a source file, and is used from other files." },
            { "javac.opt.Xlint.desc.cast", "Warn about use of unnecessary casts." },
            { "javac.opt.Xlint.desc.classfile", "Warn about issues related to classfile contents." },
            { "javac.opt.Xlint.desc.dep-ann", "Warn about items marked as deprecated in JavaDoc but not using the @Deprecated annotation." },
            { "javac.opt.Xlint.desc.deprecation", "Warn about use of deprecated items." },
            { "javac.opt.Xlint.desc.divzero", "Warn about division by constant integer 0." },
            { "javac.opt.Xlint.desc.empty", "Warn about empty statement after if." },
            { "javac.opt.Xlint.desc.exports", "Warn about issues regarding module exports." },
            { "javac.opt.Xlint.desc.fallthrough", "Warn about falling through from one case of a switch statement to the next." },
            { "javac.opt.Xlint.desc.finally", "Warn about finally clauses that do not terminate normally." },
            { "javac.opt.Xlint.desc.module", "Warn about module system related issues." },
            { "javac.opt.Xlint.desc.opens", "Warn about issues regarding module opens." },
            { "javac.opt.Xlint.desc.options", "Warn about issues relating to use of command line options." },
            { "javac.opt.Xlint.desc.overloads", "Warn about issues regarding method overloads." },
            { "javac.opt.Xlint.desc.overrides", "Warn about issues regarding method overrides." },
            { "javac.opt.Xlint.desc.path", "Warn about invalid path elements on the command line." },
            { "javac.opt.Xlint.desc.preview", "Warn about use of preview language features" },
            { "javac.opt.Xlint.desc.processing", "Warn about issues regarding annotation processing." },
            { "javac.opt.Xlint.desc.rawtypes", "Warn about use of raw types." },
            { "javac.opt.Xlint.desc.removal", "Warn about use of API that has been marked for removal." },
            { "javac.opt.Xlint.desc.requires-automatic", "Warn about use of automatic modules in the requires clauses." },
            { "javac.opt.Xlint.desc.requires-transitive-automatic", "Warn about automatic modules in requires transitive." },
            { "javac.opt.Xlint.desc.serial", "Warn about Serializable classes that do not provide a serial version ID. \n                             Also warn about access to non-public members from a serializable element." },
            { "javac.opt.Xlint.desc.static", "Warn about accessing a static member using an instance." },
            { "javac.opt.Xlint.desc.try", "Warn about issues relating to use of try blocks (i.e. try-with-resources)." },
            { "javac.opt.Xlint.desc.unchecked", "Warn about unchecked operations." },
            { "javac.opt.Xlint.desc.varargs", "Warn about potentially unsafe vararg methods" },
            { "javac.opt.Xlint.none", "Disable all warnings" },
            { "javac.opt.Xstdout", "Redirect standard output" },
            { "javac.opt.addExports", "Specify a package to be considered as exported from its defining module\nto additional modules, or to all unnamed modules if <other-module> is ALL-UNNAMED." },
            { "javac.opt.addReads", "Specify additional modules to be considered as required by a given module.\n<other-module> may be ALL-UNNAMED to require the unnamed module." },
            { "javac.opt.addmods", "Root modules to resolve in addition to the initial modules, or all modules\non the module path if <module> is ALL-MODULE-PATH." },
            { "javac.opt.arg.Xlint", "<key>(,<key>)*" },
            { "javac.opt.arg.addExports", "<module>/<package>=<other-module>(,<other-module>)*" },
            { "javac.opt.arg.addReads", "<module>=<other-module>(,<other-module>)*" },
            { "javac.opt.arg.addmods", "<module>(,<module>)*" },
            { "javac.opt.arg.class", "<class>" },
            { "javac.opt.arg.class.list", "<class1>[,<class2>,<class3>...]" },
            { "javac.opt.arg.default.module.for.created.files", "<module-name>" },
            { "javac.opt.arg.directory", "<directory>" },
            { "javac.opt.arg.dirs", "<dirs>" },
            { "javac.opt.arg.encoding", "<encoding>" },
            { "javac.opt.arg.file", "<filename>" },
            { "javac.opt.arg.flag", "<flag>" },
            { "javac.opt.arg.jdk", "<jdk>|none" },
            { "javac.opt.arg.key.equals.value", "key[=value]" },
            { "javac.opt.arg.limitmods", "<module>(,<module>)*" },
            { "javac.opt.arg.m", "<module-name>" },
            { "javac.opt.arg.module.version", "<version>" },
            { "javac.opt.arg.mspath", "<module-source-path>" },
            { "javac.opt.arg.multi-release", "<release>" },
            { "javac.opt.arg.number", "<number>" },
            { "javac.opt.arg.patch", "<module>=<file>(:<file>)*" },
            { "javac.opt.arg.path", "<path>" },
            { "javac.opt.arg.pathname", "<pathname>" },
            { "javac.opt.arg.plugin", "\"name args\"" },
            { "javac.opt.arg.profile", "<profile>" },
            { "javac.opt.arg.release", "<release>" },
            { "javac.opt.bootclasspath", "Override location of bootstrap class files" },
            { "javac.opt.classpath", "Specify where to find user class files and annotation processors" },
            { "javac.opt.d", "Specify where to place generated class files" },
            { "javac.opt.default.module.for.created.files", "Fallback target module for files created by annotation processors, if none specified or inferred." },
            { "javac.opt.deprecation", "Output source locations where deprecated APIs are used" },
            { "javac.opt.diags", "Select a diagnostic mode" },
            { "javac.opt.doclint.format", "Specify the format for documentation comments" },
            { "javac.opt.encoding", "Specify character encoding used by source files" },
            { "javac.opt.endorseddirs", "Override location of endorsed standards path" },
            { "javac.opt.extdirs", "Override location of installed extensions" },
            { "javac.opt.g", "Generate all debugging info" },
            { "javac.opt.g.lines.vars.source", "Generate only some debugging info" },
            { "javac.opt.g.none", "Generate no debugging info" },
            { "javac.opt.headerDest", "Specify where to place generated native header files" },
            { "javac.opt.help", "Print this help message" },
            { "javac.opt.implicit", "Specify whether or not to generate class files for implicitly referenced files" },
            { "javac.opt.inherit_runtime_environment", "Inherit module system configuration options from the runtime environment." },
            { "javac.opt.limitmods", "Limit the universe of observable modules" },
            { "javac.opt.m", "Compile only the specified module, check timestamps" },
            { "javac.opt.maxerrs", "Set the maximum number of errors to print" },
            { "javac.opt.maxwarns", "Set the maximum number of warnings to print" },
            { "javac.opt.module.version", "Specify version of modules that are being compiled" },
            { "javac.opt.modulepath", "Specify where to find application modules" },
            { "javac.opt.modulesourcepath", "Specify where to find input source files for multiple modules" },
            { "javac.opt.moreinfo", "Print extended information for type variables" },
            { "javac.opt.multi-release", "Specify which release to use in multi-release jars" },
            { "javac.opt.nogj", "Don't accept generics in the language" },
            { "javac.opt.nowarn", "Generate no warnings" },
            { "javac.opt.parameters", "Generate metadata for reflection on method parameters" },
            { "javac.opt.patch", "Override or augment a module with classes and resources\nin JAR files or directories" },
            { "javac.opt.pkginfo", "Specify handling of package-info files" },
            { "javac.opt.plugin", "Name and optional arguments for a plug-in to be run" },
            { "javac.opt.prefer", "Specify which file to read when both a source file and class file are found for an implicitly compiled class" },
            { "javac.opt.preview", "Enable preview language features. To be used in conjunction with either -source or --release." },
            { "javac.opt.print", "Print out a textual representation of specified types" },
            { "javac.opt.printProcessorInfo", "Print information about which annotations a processor is asked to process" },
            { "javac.opt.printRounds", "Print information about rounds of annotation processing" },
            { "javac.opt.printsearch", "Print information where classfiles are searched" },
            { "javac.opt.proc.none.only", "Control whether annotation processing and/or compilation is done." },
            { "javac.opt.processor", "Names of the annotation processors to run; bypasses default discovery process" },
            { "javac.opt.processormodulepath", "Specify a module path where to find annotation processors" },
            { "javac.opt.processorpath", "Specify where to find annotation processors" },
            { "javac.opt.profile", "Check that API used is available in the specified profile" },
            { "javac.opt.prompt", "Stop after each error" },
            { "javac.opt.release", "Compile for a specific VM version. Supported targets: {0}" },
            { "javac.opt.s", "Emit java sources instead of classfiles" },
            { "javac.opt.source", "Provide source compatibility with specified release" },
            { "javac.opt.sourceDest", "Specify where to place generated source files" },
            { "javac.opt.sourcepath", "Specify where to find input source files" },
            { "javac.opt.system", "Override location of system modules" },
            { "javac.opt.target", "Generate class files for specific VM version" },
            { "javac.opt.upgrademodulepath", "Override location of upgradeable modules" },
            { "javac.opt.userpathsfirst", "Search classpath and sourcepath for classes before the bootclasspath instead of after" },
            { "javac.opt.verbose", "Output messages about what the compiler is doing" },
            { "javac.opt.version", "Version information" },
            { "javac.version", "{0} {1}" },



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Release date: 2018-11-04


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