Uninstall JDK 10 from Windows Computer


How to uninsatll JDK 10 from my Windows computer? I don't need it any more.

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If you want to uninstall JDK 10 from your Windows computer, you can follow these steps:

1. Go to "Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features". You see "Java(TM) SE Development Kit 10.0.2 (64-bit)" listed as an installed program.

2. Select "Java(TM) SE Development Kit 10.0.2 (64-bit)" and click "Uninstall" on top of the program list. You see the JDK 10 uninstallation screen.

3. Wait for the uninstallation process to finish. JDK 10 is removed from your computer now.

4. You can also delete the JDK 10 installation directory: C:\fyicenter\jdk-10.0.2

5. If you have JRE 10 installed and you want to remove it, select "Java 10.0.2 (64-bit)" and click "Uninstall".

6. You can also delete the JRE 10 installation directory: C:\fyicenter\jre-10.0.2


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