Download and Install Apache Ant Binary Package


How to download and install Apache Ant Binary Package?



An Apache Ant Binary Package is an pre-compiled version of Apache Ant compressed into a single file like An Apache Ant Binary Package is ready to run in a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) environment on Windows, Mac or Linux systems.

If you want to use Apache Ant in your Java 8+ environment, you can follow these steps to download and install

1. Go to the Apache Ant Website.

2. Click the "Download > Binary Distributions" link from the left side menu. You see the download page showing up.

3. Click and download "" in the "1.10.10 release - requires minimum of Java 8 at runtime" section.

4. Save the downloaded file as

6. Unzip the downloaded file It will create a sub-directory called apache-ant-1.10.10.

7. Check to ensure that the ant.jar file is there:

> cd apache-ant-1.10.10
> cd lib 
> dir ant.jar 
  2252998 Apr 12 2021 ant.jar

Installation is done.


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