JAF 1.2.0 JAR File - javax.activation-1.2.0.jar


How to download JAF 1.2.0 JAR File - javax.activation-1.2.0.jar?

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If you are using JAF (JavaBeans Activation Framework), you need to download JAF 1.2 JAR File, javax.activation-1.2.0.jar. Without this JAR file, any references to javax.activation.* classes will fail to compile, since the javax.activation package is removed from JDK 9 and newer releases.

You can javax.activation-1.2.0.jar by clicking the download button below:

File name: javax.activation-1.2.0.jar
File size: 78030 bytes
Release date: 2017-09-06

You can also follow these steps to download and install javax.activation-1.2.0.jar:

1. Go to JAF Maven Website.

2. Click "1.2.0" version link. You see JAF 1.2.0 details page.

3. Click "jar (76 KB)" download link.

4. Save the downloaded file as \local\javax.activation-1.2.0.jar.

Installation is done.


JAF 1.2.0 Java Source Code Files

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Downloading activation.jar - JavaBeans Activation Framework

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