What Is Java Servlet API


What Is Java Servlet API?

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Java Servlet is the foundation web specification in the Java Enterprise Platform. Developers can build web applications using the Servlet API to interact with the request/response workflow. This project provides information on the continued development of the Java Servlet specification. Java Servlets is a JCP Standard technology for interacting with the web on the Java EE platform.

Releases of Java Servlets API:

Servlets   4.0.1   20-Apr-2018
Servlets   3.1.0   25-Apr-2013
Servlets   3.0.1   12-Jul-2011
Servlets   2.4     12-Jul-2005

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Download javax.servlet-api-4.0.1.jar

Downloading servlet-api.jar - Java Servlet API

Downloading servlet-api.jar - Java Servlet API

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